22 Minute Hard Corps

22 Minute Hard Corps has given me my life back. I’ve literally gone from hospital patient to superhero.

I want to take a moment to be as vulnerable and as transparent as I can be with you.

As you can see, 22 Minute Hard Corps has literally given me my life back. The transformation I saw with this 60-day workout was far beyond physical. Here’s an update, with the help of 22 Minute Hard Corps, I’ve lost a total of 40lbs since recommitting to my fitness! Currently at 157lbs and feeling absolutely amazing!

But it was definitely an uphill journey. Continue reading below… 22 minute hard corps chris balmert“Wow, good for you! You got great results, Chris!” is what I hear a lot when people see my photos. Well, that’s great to hear, but just because you saw my before and after photos doesn’t mean you know my story and struggle to get those.

Let me recap a little and share where I was physically and mentally just a few months ago before I found 22 Minute Hard Corps. Warning… I’m about to let you into some personal things, so this is a little out of my comfort zone.

fatI started my 22 Minute Hard Corps journey at 198lbs. I suffered a rough winter that caused me to fall off the wagon and neglect my own personal health. Like most people, life happened and I got distracted. I became so busy with work, building our home and had a few other issues piled up on my plate. I went from working out consistently to barely working out and my diet became worse and worse as the stress continued to increase. I resorted to comfort and convenience foods like pizza, ice cream, donuts, fast-food, fried-foods, and worse of all, alcohol. As a result of this, my body was falling apart inside and out. And worst part is, I was completely in denial and clueless what I was doing to myself.

One day, I woke up not feeling well. My body was weak, I was dizzy and light-headed, my nose began to bleed often, my eyes were bloodshot, I had shortness of breath, and my chest felt tight. Lindsay drove me to an Urgent Care and as soon as I walked in, they took me in the back. They found that my blood pressure rose to a dangerous and critical level, they ran an EKG on my heart and it came back abnormal and every other test they did, the results were coming back off the charts. The doctor looked at Lindsay and said, “We need to get him to a hospital.” I heard him say this to her and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My family suffers from high blood pressure issues and heart disease, so I knew the severity of this situation and I knew that it wasn’t a good sign.

chris balmert hospital hard corpsAs we rushed to the hospital, it was still a blur to me what was happening. I guess was still in denial. I remember thinking, “How the hell is this happening to me? I’m young! I’m 30 years old. There is just no way this is right. I’m fine, let’s just go home.” But as we got closer and closer to the hospital, it began to become more and more real. This was happening, whether I wanted it to or believe it was.

I began to think worst-case scenario. I remember then thinking to myself, “I’m only 30 years old. Gavin (my son) is only 3 years old. What if this is it? What if I die tonight? What if I die and Gavin is too young to remember who I am when he grows up? What if I die and my son has to grow up wondering who his father was?” That’s when I completely lost it and broke down. It became too much to handle at that moment. Months of neglect, stress, anxiety, pressure, eating junk food, drinking every night I could, procrastinating my health, and finding excuses to not workout became too much to handle. My body hit it’s breaking point and was dying.

chris balmertI grew up without a father, and because of this, I’ve always wanted to be double the dad I never had. But in this moment, I realized if I continue this way of life, I am going to do the same thing to Gavin. If I don’t change my ways and get back on the right path again, Gavin is going to grow up without a father. I am “SUPERMAN” to him. I need to play that role and not be seen in a hospital bed, sick, out of shape, unhealthy, or depressed. That’s not what I wanted him to see. I didn’t truly realize until that moment how much my poor decisions and neglect of my own health is effecting and impacting the lives I love most; my wife and my son. People I never want to hurt were being hurt. When you don’t make yourself a priority, you hurt more than just yourself. Your health effects not only you, but the ones around you, too.

Beyond this health scare, there was far more going on. Clearly, I wasn’t in a good place physically, but it was even worse mentally. Over the course of those few months I let everything go, I was suffering from a lot of mental health issues, too. Yes, believe me when I say that neglecting your health and fitness will also effect your mood, emotions, and how you mentally deal with situations. I found I was suffering from social anxiety more and more. I had moments where I became super depressed and unmotivated. I completely lost all self-confidence and respect for myself. And at one point, I remember talking to Lindsay about setting me up with a therapist because I became worried about how I would continue taking the stress. I was scared what might happen if I hit my breaking point. I was in a dark place mentally. I was definitely not the person I used to be.

GrossI knew I had to do something different. One morning I looked in the mirror and saw the person I have let myself become. “Who is this? How did this happen? Why did I let this happen?” I asked myself in disbelief. A few years ago, I was an ace college athlete. Heck, just a few months ago, I was a total fitness-freak! But now, I am a health-risk to my family. I was just in a hospital bed with early signs of heart disease. It was so crazy how fast things derailed and how blind I was to it. I knew I needed to dial in, make myself a priority, and get my life back on the right track. I was desperate and ready to make a change.

Thankfully, Tony Horton and Beachbody were launching a new workout. I saw 22 Minute Hard Corps and instantly wanted to buy it and commit to it. Plus, a great friend of mine (Matt Rody) was doing it and told me that I needed to do it with him. I’ve always loved Tony and his workouts, especially since P90X was a huge reason why I started my fitness journey in the first place. So it was obvious to me that 22 Minute Hard Corps was going to be my way out of the funk I was in. This was the solution I needed.

Going into this workout was different than all my previous workout commitments. It was more than just getting it and working toward a six-pack or to look good in my tight shirts. This time around, it was about saving my life!

chris balmert hard corpsWhen I started 22 Minute Hard Corps, it was a huge reality check. I realized how out-of-shape I have let myself become. That first workout was one of the hardest workouts of my life. I found myself struggling to keep up with the modifier, but I knew I couldn’t let that discourage me. I just knew I had to do my best, keep moving, and not give up. And that’s what I did. Every day, I became better, stronger, faster. Eventually, I was hanging with the tempo of the troops… some days, even surpassing them!

22 min hard corps results chris balmertI also saw Beachbody was running a Summer Strong Challenge, which was a great accountability group on Facebook that allowed people, like me, to plug into for support. They also had a $5,000 grand prize for the best overall story and transformation out of the 2,000+ people taking part in the challenge. I remember looking to my wife and telling her, “Lindsay, I am going to win this challenge.” I was so motivated to get amazing results, and quite honestly, I don’t think anyone had a more powerful reason than I did. I was so determined to get my life back. So I was locked on winning this prize and I told her this because I wanted her to keep me accountable. Well, as you might have seen in my posts on Facebook, I won 1st place in that challenge and was rewarded the $5,000 grand prize! I did it!

Chris Balmert ShakeologyI busted my ass for those 60-days. I gave everything I had into 22 Minute Hard Corps. I followed the workout schedule, the nutrition plan and my Shakeology to a tee! I showed up every day and gave my all. After each workout, I had no regrets because I knew I gave everything I had. I knew I had to surrender myself to this workout, follow the system, do the meal plan, drink my Shakeology every morning and trust the process. I knew if I did this, I couldn’t fail.

The weight was melting off. Down 10lbs… 15lbs… 20lbs… it just kept melting away.  Holy smokes! I was a completely different person on the outside. But more importantly, I was a completely different person in the inside, too. My health was finally under control. My numbers were finally normal, my tests were finally normal, my confidence was back, my happiness was back, my life was finally on the right track. For the first time in a long time, I was proud of myself. I was a husband again. I was a father again. I was me again.

Chris Balmert hard corps 2One big reward from 22 Minute Hard Corps was energy! I work a lot with my full-time job, upwards of 60+ hours a week when we are in the heart of our season. What I am most thankful for is that I am now able to come home from a long day of work and have the energy and will-power to spend time with my wife, play with my son and be the husband and dad I want to be for them. Before 22 Minute Hard Corps, lets face it, after working long days and night, I wanted to just curl up on the couch, eat Doritos or a sleeve of OREOs and pass out. Now, I can finally come home and have the energy and drive to be in their lives.

Lets just say that 22 Minute Hard Corps is far more than “another Beachbody workout” to me. 22 Minute Hard Corps has become a lifestyle change. Sure, the program might only be 22 minutes a day for 60 days, but it’s become a never-ending journey in my life. I have already started my second round of the workout and grew my total weight-loss to 40lbs. Hell, I’m in better shape now at age 30 than I was as an ace college athlete! Literally, I’ve gone from hospital patient to superhero in a few months because of 22 Minute Hard Corps!

chris balmer 22 minute hard corps transformationSo trust me when I say, this journey is far from over. I plan on continuing 22 Minute Hard Corps, round after round. Hey, hopefully YOU will be joining me! It feels good to finally have a workout that I look forward to doing every day, and that fits perfectly in my busy schedule. It feels amazing to have a meal plan that I enjoy and that is simple enough for not only me, but my whole family to plug into every day. It feels incredible to have the man who started my fitness journey over 7 years ago back in my life. Tony Horton, welcome back! Oh, how I’ve missed you. You never seem to let me down. Thank you.

2 minute hard corps chris balmert 1

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Tony Horton before in the past at previous Beachbody events, but this time around meeting him during our video shoot for the upcoming 22 Minute Hard Corps infomercial, it was a completely different experience. As soon as I saw him, I broke down. Yup, I cried. Looking the man in the eyes and telling him how much he has changed my life was the most emotional and surreal moment of my life. The entire journey, the up’s and the down’s, all lead me to that very moment. So with that being said, of course we had to hug it out in front of all the cameras and thousands cheering in the crowd. It was a moment I will never, ever forget. And a moment I am so happy was caught on camera so I can have it for the memory books.

Check out this epic photo below of this moment… un-freaking-believeable.

22 min hard corps chris balmert 1

So what’s next? Well… I have plenty of goals I’m aiming for an 22 Minute Hard Corps will play a huge role in accomplishing them. But one of our next goals is a big one. Lindsay and I have been trying for child #2 for quite some time now, but month after month after month, we seem to have no luck. Always negative tests! I know my weight gain and health level was a HUGE factor in why we weren’t succeeding, so now, after losing 40lbs and finally dialing into my health and overall wellness, I have a good feeling we will be seeing different results soon! So please send us good vibes and wish us luck! We will be sure to keep you all updated. If this works, no wait, WHEN this works (think positive), I hope to share this with others. I know there are so many people out there who are in our shoes, who want children, but because of their health situation or weight issues, struggle to make that happen. I have a good feeling my transformation will help our chances, and when it does happen, I want to help others who are struggling like we are. I say this to you for accountability.

chris balmert lindsay balmertI know my story isn’t complete. These are just a few chapters of it. This experience has taught me a lot. It has shown me the importance of caring for yourself, making yourself a priority, making the right choices, and most importantly, how precious life can be and how fast it can be taken away. Stop using “Oh I’m young still, so that can’t happen!” as an excuse because I can tell you right now, that’s not the case. Things can change on a dime and I’ve fallen victim to that first-hand. Your health is not something to take lightly. Without it, we have nothing. I’ve seen that if you’re not healthy, you’re robbed of everything you love most.

I feel I’ve been very close to (if not seen) what rock bottom feels like recently, and let me tell you, it’s not a fun place to be. It’s a dark, lonely, sad, scary, confusing, discouraging place to be. I was lucky enough to escape this place. I know some people struggle or take a lot longer than I did to escape it. Or worse than that, can’t find a way t escape it. But with this experience, I’ve learned that I want to do everything I possible can to share my story, share my experiences, and share my new perspective on life to inspire, empower, motivate and support other people who are where I was just a few months ago. I want to reach those who are lost, alone, sad, depressed, confused, scared, empty, unmotivated, unhealthy and unhappy and show them a way out. I want to show them that change is possible and how we can work toward it TOGETHER. I want to use this experience to change more lives than just my own.

And most importantly, PARENTS, mothers or fathers, I am reaching out to you. Please, if you aren’t happy or healthy, you need to see this as your sign to make a change! Don’t just commit for yourself, but do this for your family! Your spouse needs you. Your children need you. Your family needs you.

Here is my progress photo after 2-rounds of 22 Minute Hard Corps:

I know first-hand what it’s like to be off the tracks. But I also know what it’s like to find your way back on those tracks. Tony Horton and 22 Minute Hard Corps have given my life back. I know what this workout did for me physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, so with that said, I am determined to help others experience the same effect. This journey has changed everything for me, so now, I must pay it forward.

Reach out to me. Seriously. Reach out to me if you need help, want to chat, have questions, want to share your story, are inspired by my story, or just want to say hello… reach out to me. I want to hear from you.

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Let’s connect. If you aren’t happy with where you are and are looking for support, accountability, motivation and a solution, we have to connect. I think I can help!

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Thank you for letting me share my updated 22 Minute Hard Corps story. If you feel it can inspire someone else or someone you know, please feel free to share it and my video. I hope to hear from you soon! GET SOME! Thanks for the endless support and continuous accountability. It means so much to me.



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