Mom Workout – Tips for Busy Moms

Workout / Time Management Tips

written by Lindsay Balmert

gavin2Get up at 5 AM, get ready for work, make my Chocolate Shakeology to drink on my way to work, get home around 5 PM, workout, make dinner and relax. This was a typical day for me before Gavin came into my life. My schedule now: get up at 9 AM to feed the baby, burp, change diaper, cuddle until he falls asleep for maybe an hour before his next feeding, noon feed the baby, burp, change diaper, cuddle until he falls asleep for maybe an hour before his next feeding, 3 PM feed the baby, burp, change diaper, cuddle until he falls asleep for maybe an hour before his next feeding, etc. and that’s every three hours! Oh yeah and I have to squeeze in doing laundry, cleaning the house, making lunch and dinner, taking care of the dog, etc.

Being a mom is a full time job. I never fully understood that until now! How am I ever going to find time to get back to my normal schedule! Thankfully, I have 12 weeks of bonding time with Gavin, but that’s not enough! Since time is an issue, I have to figure out ways to make sure I’m eating during the day and getting in a workout. Since having the baby, it’s been very difficult for me to get over the fact that my body cannot get back to the way it was right away.

I’m making a strong effort to have Chocolate Shakeology for breakfast and lunch, fruit/veggies as snacks, a healthy dinner of chicken or tuna and workout with Shaun T’s Insanity. A great tip I have learned is to plan ahead.  Have your meals for the day, or even week, planned out and ready to go.  If you don’t have a plan, and are in need of a quick snack, chances are you will grab something fast and unhealthy, right?  Well, avoid that situation by planning ahead!  Now that I do this, I will be able to get in all my vitamins, have energy to workout and have time to take care of the baby, house and dog. Oh and my husband!gavin3

The key to time management is having a game plan.  You need to have the mindset of when everything must happen.  Like I said, obviously I have a lot on my plate with a newborn baby, taking care of the house, and other things, but I also know that I can’t forget about myself.  Now, I know I don’t have a lot of time to myself, so I need to be as productive as possible within that short time I do have.  So, when I have a moment to squeeze in my workout, I go for it right then and there.  I enjoy doing Insanity because the workouts are only 30-40 minutes, which is perfect and suites my lifestyle the best!  I have a busy schedule, but want to see some fast results, so Insanity works for me.  I’m so excited for the T-25 workout to launch, since workouts are only 25 minutes a day!  That is so so so perfect for us busy moms!  Definitely going to grab that one! Click Here: Pre-Order Shaun T’s  T-25!

No excuses! This can be done! If I can do this, you can too.  I’m determined to be a sexy and slim mommy and wife!  Don’t let birth or busy schedules ruin it for you.  With a strong commitment, you can make this happen.


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