My Top Beachbody Coach Tips

My Top Beachbody Coach Tips

What does it take to be a SUCCESSFUL BEACHBODY COACH?

I always get messages from my Coaches, and even other Coaches, to share some of my best tips to succeed as a Beachbody coach and to succeed at a business, or best advice, or best things I’ve learned over the course of my Beachbody Coaching journey.  I do my best to help as much as I can and as often as I can, but sometimes, it can get overwhelming since I am grinding away at my own business, too.  So I figured this would be so much easier, and save me a lot of time.

I have taken the time to compile some of my absolute BEST Beachbody Coach Tips!  I bet I will continue to add to this list as I think about it more and more, and get more and more messages from new Coaches.  So be sure to check back often!

Just real quick to share who I am.  I’m sure if you aren’t a Coach on our amazing team, you’re probably thinking, “Who the hell is this guy and what does he know about Beachbody Coaching?!”  Well, here’s a very quick sneak peek into my journey as a Coach.

First off, I’m 31 years old from Cleveland, OH.  Father and husband first, fitness freak second.  I married the love of my life, Lindsay, and we have a 3 year old son, Gavin, and our daughter will be here in March!  I work a full-time job for a professional sports team (usually 65-70 hours a week) in addition to my Beachbody Coach business, so I’ve had to juggle and balance building my business since day one.  So when I hear someone give the excuse of “I don’t think I have the time to do that.”, I literally want to laugh.  If something is important to you, time won’t matter.  Period.

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road…

I have been a Beachbody Coach for a little over 6 years.  I became a Coach after I finished a round of P90X because so many people were noticing my transformation and asking me for tips and pointers to help them.  It was an obvious decision for me to transition into coaching, and bonus, I found out I could save some cash on my future workout programs!  I began to realize I had a true passion for coaching and helping other people get started and stick to their own fitness journeys.  As things began to gain momentum,  I launched my Coach team (Team Motiv8) shortly after  with about 15 core Coaches.  It wasn’t many, but we all shared the same big vision – which was to help as many people as we could.  In just a few short years time, Team Motiv8 has grown to 7,000+ Coaches strong, helping literally tens of thousands of people get started with their health and fitness journey through Beachbody products!

To reflect on some of our team and my personal coaching accomplishments:

  • 11-Star Diamond Beachbody Coach
  • 2x Elite Beachbody Coach / 2x Elite Team
  • Member of the Coach Millionaire Club (at age 28)
  • Success Club All Star / Legend
  • 2x Beachbody Challenge Winner
  • 22-Minute Hard Corp Success Story
  • Financial Freedom Award


So as you can see, it’s been an amazing journey for myself and my amazing team!  It’s taken a lot of work and commitment, but the fulfillment of helping so many people carve a better path for their future is always worth the grind.  We’ve been a very successful team (and continue to be) and I truly feel it’s because we work our butts off, we have a lot of fun while doing so, we take great pride in what we do and represent and we do things with integrity.

With the help of several of our top leaders on the team, we have developed an amazing Coach Training System to help our Coaches succeed.  A lot of the training revolves around these top Beachbody Coach tips I share below.  I hope you have time to read through these and apply them to your Beachbody Coach business.  Sure, I understand not every tip will directly relate or be helpful to all, but I’m pretty sure no matter who you are and how you plan on building a successful Beachbody Coach business, you’ll find some value in these nuggets.

If you do find this helpful, please feel free to share the link to this blog post with your Coaches and Teams!

Before you read these tips below, WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO!


Powerful, POWERFUL video, right?  Understand, this is the mindset you NEED TO HAVE if you want to succeed.  If you aren’t at this level yet, then you need to figure out how to get there!  This is a huge, huge factor that will either make or break your success.  Mindset is so crucial.

My BEST Beachbody Coach Tips:

BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCTS – Live the life you preach. Don’t be a fake. If you want to connect with people, then you have to be in the trenches with them. Commit to your own health and fitness by committing 100% to your BeachBody workout program and Shakeology, everyday! Share it! Take photos! Talk about it! Walk the walk. Be the example.

PUT OTHERS FIRST – This is a business of giving and helping others. It’s not about you as a Coach. Your success is a reflection of the amount of lives you are influencing in a positive way. As you can see from my journey, when I avoided this piece of advice, I began to see how fast my business suffered from it. If you aren’t helping others, what good are you as a Coach?

PROVIDE VALUE – In order to gain people’s attention, trust and loyalty, you need to supply them with a source of value. Find out how you can best help that person and then do that. Continuously serve that person the best way possible to help them take steps toward their goals everyday. If you aren’t there for their journey each step of the way, you aren’t as valuable to them as you should be.

MAKE SACRIFICES – I was once told by Jeff Hill of Beachbody Corporate, “Chris, if sacrificing some late nights partying, if waking up an hour earlier, if staying up an hour later, if working a little harder, if investing a little more, if making these sacrifices for an entire year would lead into a six-figure income for you and your family, would you be willing to do it?” Of course! Sure, there might be nights where you have to stay up later for a call, or days you might have to wake up earlier to message a few people, or might have to miss out on some things to make sure you’re getting your work in, but if you are committed to success, then sometimes these sacrifices have to be made. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

STAY CONSISTENT – “Lack of consistency results in lack of interest.” As you develop into a leader through the eyes of your followers, clients and coaches, you must make sure you are staying consistent. You’ll never gain momentum if you can’t show up every day. Coaching is just like committing to a workout program. If you are only eating healthy when you feel like it or working out once a week, do you think your results are going to be as great as you want them to be? No, they will suffer because you aren’t staying consistent with it. The same philosophy applies to your coaching business. Stay consistent to plugging in, sharing, inviting and engaging and your results will increase over time.

THINK LIKE A LEADER – In order to do this, you must consistently fill your mind with positive thoughts. Investing into the right Personal Development tools are important. We all want to grow and develop our leadership skills, and in order to do so, we must continuously grow the way our mind thinks like a leader. Personal Development will help do this. Also, lets face it, as I explained in my story, we all suffer from tough times. The journey through coaching and life in general isn’t always smooth sailing, however, you’re chances of overcoming such setbacks and obstacles increase the more you understand how to face these issues and overcome them. Having a strong commitment to you Personal Development will sharpen your senses. Some great reads are, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell, “Talent is Never Enough” by John Maxwell, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, and “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.

CREATE A GOAL BOARD – Have a vision. Have a target to aim for. Go to the store and buy a dry erase board. Once you have your board, think of long term and short term goals to list on your goal board and make sure you plug into it daily to judge your progress. In order to make progress, you need somewhere to go though, right? Without that sense of direction, how do you even know if you are progressing? Have goals. Write them down. And look at them daily!

EMOTIONALLY CONNECT TO YOUR GOALS – It’s so easy to create generic goals. “Lose weight.”, “Help people.”, “Make money.” etc… However, those are motivating enough. You need to learn to dive deeper into your goals. WHY do you need to lose weight? WHY do you want to help people? WHY do you have to make more money? Are you committing to being successful to help yourself? Or help your family? Make more money so you can retire and be with your family more? Or retire a spouse? Or pay off debt? Or build a dream home? Dive deeper into your goals and understand WHY you’re doing this and WHY you have to make it work. When you are emotionally connected to your goals, you’ll fight to the death to accomplish them.

TREAT THE BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS – If you really want this to turn into something huge to hit those emotional goals you have, then you need to take your commitment from Point A to Point B. It’s time to take this commitment from “hobby” to “lifestyle”. If you treat your business and your health as a hobby, you’ll find yourself only doing it when it’s convenient for you. You’ll have days were you’re in and days when you’re out. If this and your goals are something that are important to you, then you have to transition this into a lifestyle commitment, not a hobby commitment. Think about this, did Bill Gates become successful by showing up to work once or twice a week? Did LeBron James become the best athlete in the world by practicing every once in a while? No, they rise and grind to get better everyday. They don’t treat what they do as a hobby. They wake up to it. It’s LIFE! The eat, sleep, breathe it. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. And because of that, they continue to stay consistent and get better!

BE A LEADER – Leaders lead by example, are supportive, positive, see everyone as an equal, and guide people the proper way. If you want your team to do something, you must do it 10x better to show them the way. Everyone is watching you. As the head of the wolf pack, your choices and actions effect if the pack goes left or if the pack goes right.

MAKE THE TIME FOR YOUR BUSINESS – This is an important one for me, especially since I am building my Beachbody business part-time. I have created “Power Hours” throughout my day that allow me to focus solely on my business. I will literally lock myself in a quiet room (which is my home office) and I will work for an hour or two on things that will help take my business to the next level. I am a firm believer that it doesn’t come down to the amount of time you invest, but instead, comes down to the amount of value you bring to your business within that amount of time. If you have a few short hours to work on your business, then that’s fine… just make sure you are doing what needs to be done within that amount of time.

THE 9PM – 2AM GRIND – Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this so much, and as entrepreneur, this is a nightly shift that a lot of us have to work if we want to be successful; especially if you have a full-time job or a family. Sometimes, the only time you have to plug into your business is before or after family goes to bed. Well, what’s more important to you.. achieving your emotional goals and dreams, or sleep, or your favorite TV show, or the football game? Which one of those choices makes your future better and brighter? We are blessed to live in a world now a days where we are able to work a 9PM – 2AM “job” to build our future from the comfort of our own home.. and on our computers and cell phones. Our parents didn’t have this growing up. If they wanted more money or a better future for the family, they picked up a second job working somewhere all night. We are blessed and so lucky to have the opportunity to make more money and build a stronger future for our family all from the comfort of our couch! So you might need to sacrifice sleep, or TV, or a football game so you can grind during the 9PM to 2AM shift. If this is important to you, if your goals are important to you, this is non-negotiable.

FOLLOW THE LEADER – Find someone who is successful and follow them. Social media is a great tool now-a-days because it makes it super easy to follow what others are doing. I follow a lot of the top coaches in the business to gain ideas on how I can become a better leader, all from simply watching how they engage and communicate on their social media paths. If you want to be successful, follow someone who already is and do what they are doing.

EMBRACE FAILING – Be aware that failure will happen. You’ll try something and it won’t work. Or you’ll do something and you’ll suck at it. Failure isn’t the end of the journey. Failure doesn’t mean you’re not successful or never will be successful. Understand that failure is part of the process, not the end of the process. You have to fail to succeed. And when you do, roll with it. Make adjustments, learn to get better, find a better way, stick with it, and keep trying. Failure is to be embraced, not feared. Failure only makes you better. Don’t back down because of a temporary hiccup or bump in the road. Use it as a learning point. Understand that this whole journey is a process, and failing is just another step along the way. Did you know that Colonel Sanders chicken recipe was actually rejected over 1,000… good thing he didn’t give up when he failed.

BE CONFIDENT – Right from the get’go, you need to be confident. Sure, you might not know all the answers to every question or how to do everything quite yet as a newer Coach, but oh well, still be as confident as you can. The image your project to your clients and followers is important. Do you think they will listen to someone who looks uneasy and unsure? No. People will listen to those who look like they play the part. Do your best to be as confident as you can, even when things might not always go your way.

HAVE FUN AND BE PASSIONATE – When you enjoy it, it becomes a lot more fun. When it’s fun, you become more and more passionate about it. When you’re passionate about it, it becomes a lot more natural to you. If you aren’t enjoying the ride, then you will never be able to share it with passion. Share fun photos, record fun videos, do things that allow you to share your personality and give yourself some LIFE! People love seeing “real”. So pick up the camera and have some fun!

BE PULLED BY YOUR MOTIVATION – Do you wake up having to force yourself to do this? Do you have to force yourself to sit down and plug into your business? Do you have to force yourself to workout and be healthy? If so, then you’re pushing to be motivated, which eventually, you’ll run out of gas and crash. To be successful at what you do, it has to fuel you. You have to be PULLED BY IT! It has to keep you up late, wake you up early, and keep you obsessed over it. It should pull you! You shouldn’t be pushing for it, forced to like it, or pushed do it, or forced to want to be around it. It should be all you think about, want to do, and want to be around.

BE RELATEABLE – Your followers will relate more to your weaknesses and struggles than they will with your accomplishments and rewards. Why is this? Simple because everyone has weaknesses and struggles. So they are more relateable! Sharing your great times is a must, but it’s also important to share your not-so-great-times! People like to see that you have struggles and weaknesses, too. I also say to pull out your biggest weakness or struggle and lead with that. Why? Because chances are, others will relate to it, too! Then, you can share how you are working to overcome it. People will connect more to others they relate to, and in order to show them you are relateable, you have to share all areas of your life.

BE COACHABLE – And last but not least, be coachable. Understand that there are going to be plenty of times were you will fail in this business, and guess what? That’s perfectly normal! Now, here is what separates those that fail forever and those that overcome temporary failure – the ability to be coachable and make the proper adjustments to overcome what didn’t work at that moment. As you can tell from my story above, in the beginning of my journey, I was definitely not considered “coachable”. If you are like me, put the ego aside and don’t be afraid to ask for help and make adjustments.

GET TO EVENTS – Get to every BeachBody national and local event you can! You need to surround yourself with motivation. You need to surround yourself with supportive people! You need to surround yourself with like-minded people! The fuel you’ll get from an event will turn your flame into an inferno! Get to events! Especially Coach Summit!

My BEST Facebook & Social Media Tips:

POST AT PEAK TIMES – When posting on Facebook, do your best to post at the times when traffic will be the highest. Optimal time for posting your most important posts is in the morning between 8am-9am EST and in the evening between 8pm-10pm EST. People check their Facebook more in the morning before work, and then before they go to bed. During the day is a nice time to post your less important info.

BALANCE AND VARIETY – When posting on Facebook, have a strict balance between health/fitness/Beachbody and personal posts. Remember, people don’t just want to read about you working out and drinking Shakeology. Relationships are most developed through your personal posts. Don’t just spam your posts with Beachbody. Post other things like personal issues, motivational quotes and photos, recipes and your meals, fun videos and photos, etc. Switch it up and find the balance.

BE YOUSELF – Don’t change who you are now that you’re a coach. Make sure you stay true to yourself and your personality. Don’t just walk around with your “coach cap” on all the time and try to be perfect. It looks horrible. It looks fake. It such a turn off to your followers. Be YOU! Let your personality lead the way… not your “coach cap”. People don’t care that you’re a “coach”. Thats not what will attract them to you. What attracts people to you is your personality, your attitude and your ability to stay real and true to yourself.

PROFILE PHOTOS ARE FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Put up an attractive profile photo of yourself, preferably smiling. People are more attracted to bright, comforting, inviting photos of yourself. Don’t have your profile photo a dark, blurry, fuzz photo, or of a kitty cat, or of a superhero, or of a can of green beans. How do you expect that to give a good first impression? The first thing people will see is your profile photo, so make it a good one. Bright, fun, smiling, flexing, inviting, comforting, and of course… of YOU!

HASHTAG WORK WONDERS – Remember, Facebook now uses hashtags. It’s important you know how to successfully use hashtags when you post. If you are posting a motivation quote, you might want to you such hashtags as #motivation, or #inspiration, or #fitspiration, etc. If you are posting a photo of your workout, you might want to use hastags like #workout, #P90X3, #FitDad, etc. Hashtags allow your posts to show up in searches; so if someone is searching “#workout”, your post will show up! Tip: I wouldn’t go hashtag crazy… I wouldn’t do more than 5 tags in a post. PS) You can find the top hashtags to use by Googling, “Top Fitness Hashtags” or “Top Motivation Hashtags”

POST VIDEOS & PHOTOS – Don’t just post text. People like photos and videos! Think about it, when you are scrolling your Facebook news feed, especially on your phone, your eyes tend to focus more on the bright photos, rather than text. Notice this next time you’re scrolling the news feed on your phone. You’ll tend to stop scrolling when a photo pops up. So, I would recommend posting photos as much as you can. If you type a motivation quote, attach a nice bright photo with it. If you type a recipe as your status update, attach a photo of the food. If you type that you finished your workout, attach a photo of you flexing. Photos and videos give dimension to your Facebook posts. This will attract and entertain your followers a lot more.

POST WITH A PURPOSE – Everything you post should be posted as a strategy. Always post to trigger engagement. Questions are great for engagement. Posting such questions like, “When you workout, do you prefer cardio or resistance?” or “When it comes to fitness, do you struggle more with finding a workout you like, sticking to a diet, or finding the time and motivation to do it?” Also, make sure you post for engagement outside of health/fitness/Beachbody to find that balance. Post fun questions like “What’s your favorite song on the radio right now?” or “What would you say the best advice you ever received was?” This will promote engagement on your Facebook with your followers, which is a great opportunity to spark conversation and build relationships with people. A great introduction to the FORM process.

GET COMMENTS AND LIKES – Facebook will increase your exposure and rank for your posts based on your likes and comments. A status update/photo/video with more like will be ranked higher in people’s news feeds. If it has even more comments, it will rank even higher in other people’s news feeds. What does this mean? This means more people see it! More exposure for you! The more interaction and reaction you can create with every post, the higher you will be ranked and the more people will see you!

BE RELATEABLE – People are attracted more to those they relate to. So with that said, it’s important to share personal things. If you’re a family man, share it! If you’re a single mom and proud of it, share it! If you are struggling with time management, share it! If you are trying to lose weight, share it! If you are vulnerable, share it! People want to see who you are, beyond just a “coach”. Remember, being a “coach” isn’t what attracts people. People are attracted by the similarities! Guess what, other people are single parents, or family related, or struggle with pull-ups, or struggle with time-management, or are trying to lose weight… so they are attracted to those who share the same story. The more you can share they will be relatable to those that follow you, the more people will respect you and connect with you.

HAVE SOME FRIGGIN’ FUN – Personality! Show it! Share it! Have fun! People are attracted to a positive, outgoing, inviting attitude! Being positive is contagious! Your followers will feed off your excitement! Think of ways you can be different, stand out, be original, be fun, be exciting, be attractive! Be worth following! If you are just posting the same things, or posting in the same tone and boring’ness, people will yawn and walk away. You need to have fun, and SHOW that you’re having fun! If it’s not fun or exciting to you, it will never be fun or exciting for your followers either.

USE FANPAGES TO MEET NEW PEOPLE – Go “LIKE” as many fan pages as you can think of that relate to you. These can be Beachbody related, fitness related, local related, sports related, food related, parenting related, etc. You want to be a part of as many communities as you can that will relate to you, and introduce you to others who share those same interests. Once you like these pages, take the time to scroll through them, see other people’s posts on the pages, see other people’s comments on the pages, etc. This is a GREAT way to spark conversations with people, send friend requests, message people, etc. Thousands of people that share something in common with you, literally at the click of a mouse! Not all your convos will be Beachbody related, obviously.. however, this is a great way to add new followers, spark up new conversations, FORM people, and make new friends. Once you start building new relationships, where that can eventually lead to is ENDLESS! You never know. You might be on a fanpage with other single moms and you could start a convo with another mom about diapers… but then, she might be following you and a few days later, she might see you posting about the 21-Day Fix, and that might trigger her interest and she could be reaching out to you for more information! These fan pages lead to relationships… which is the gateway into opportunity!

Hopefully, these tips were helpful…

I truly hope you found some of these tips helpful, and I hope you can apply them to you business.

If you have any questions, just reach out to me at or on Facebook.

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