Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Everyone is always looking for more ways to help them increase their weight loss.  To be honest, there are a lot of little things in life that we do that play a huge role on whether or not we lose weight, maintain weight or even gain weight.

I have compiled a list of the 8 most common things you can do to improve your weight loss attempt.  This isn’t rocket-science, but its often forgotten.

1. Slow Down
Almost everyone eats too fast. It takes 20 minutes before the stomach can tell the brain it is full, yet the average meal lasts only about 10 minutes. If slowing down can save hundreds of calories a day, that could add up to a pound a month!  So enjoy the food that in front of you and savor every bite.  There’s no rush!

2. Small Plates
A scoop of mashed potatoes looks small on our oversized dinner plates. Put your food on small, 6-9-inch plates and your serving sizes will be more accurate. This simple trick can convince our brain that we have ‘eaten enough’, saving us hundreds of extra calories a day. 

3. Sit at the Table
You can easily consume an extra 100-200 calories of cookies and chips while browsing in the pantry or grabbing a snack. These calories add up fast since they are empty, no good calories the body can’t use. Here’s a tip, find the food you are going to eat (healthy of course) and eat every single bite of food while sitting at the table. Focus on what is in front of you.  The extra effort will scare off weak cravings and allow you to assess how much you are eating.

4. Only Eat from a Plate
This is a great tip and we can all relate.  How many of us will sit down with a sleeve of cookies while we watch T.V. and before you know it, the sleeve is empty?  Resolve to only eat from a plate. Eating from bags, shared dishes (like chip or popcorn bowls), or straight from the container hides how much we are really eating. Take the time to place all the food you eat on a plate and control your portions.

5. Move the Serving Dishes
Do not put serving dishes on the table.  It is far too easy to have a second or third scoop. Leave the serving dishes in the kitchen or out of sight.  Every meal should not be an all-you-can-eat buffet line. You can still have seconds, you just have to get up to get them.

6. Eat Better Desserts
If you are going to eat dessert, which I don’t recommend to do after every meal, but if you are then start preparing healthier desserts. Instead of chocolate cake, why not try cut up fruit and yogurt?  Perhaps eve try some Shakeology ice cream – which is made by blending Shakeology powder with tons of ice and non fat cream. There are plenty of healthy, yet still delicious dessert alternatives to savor!

7. Eat Often
Yes, eat often!  Eat less at meals but tell yourself you can go back in a few hours for more food if you need to. Have trail mix, nuts, yogurt and other healthy snacks handy. Try to decrease the amount of food you need to feel satisfied at a meal.  Plus, eating often will keep your metabolism revving, which will actually increase the breakdown of food and help you lose weight!

8. Eat When You Eat
When you eat, eat. Do not watch TV, read a newspaper, talk on the phone, or drive a car. Just eat. Pay attention to your food. Monitor your servings. Distraction will lead to automatic eating! 


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