How to Get Bigger Arms

How to Get Bigger Biceps:

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Before we begin…

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Lets face it.  Us men strive for bigger muscles, especially bigger arm muscles.  There is no better feeling than the swole of your arms causing your shirt sleeve to feel tight.  Since starting the Body Beast workout, I have been able to add quite a few inches to my arms in only a few months.  My biceps are thicker, my triceps are fuller and my shoulders have gone from softballs to basketballs.  With that said, other than following the Body Beast workouts, the Body Beast meal plan and my supplement schedule, I wanted to share some other simple tips to remember during your mass-gaining journey to help increase the intensity of your arm workouts and beef up your guns quicker.

5 tips to help add mass to your arms:

Get plenty of rest.
Make sure the arms are well rested before you go into arm day. It’s easy for your arms to feel the fatigue after other larger body part days, like chest or back. This will allow you to lift heavier weight and withstand a more intense workout.

Focus on the pump.
Especially with arms, it’s important to pump as much blood into the muscle as possible. To feel more of the “pump effect” and burn during your routine, try lowing the weight, focusing on the squeeze, and lifting until the burn becomes unbearable, rather than counting reps.

Quality of quantity.
Every rep needs to be perfect. Always be in control of the weight, and never let the weight control you. Make sure you are in full control when you lift your arm up, when you squeeze for a second at the top, and when you lower back down. Don’t let your ego effect your form.

Switch it up.
Don’t fall into the same routine day after day. Switch up your arm workout by adding some progressive sets, super sets and drop sets. Keep your arms guessing and confused of what move they are doing next.

Train your arms evenly.
Every guy always dreams about bigger biceps, but don’t forget its counter-part, the tricep. Be sure to do just as many variations of training for your triceps, too. You might have big arms by working the bicep, but to have the biggest arms, you’ll need your triceps to bulge, too.

Some of my favorite workouts to increase size:

Here are just a few of my favorite arm workouts to help increase muscle mass.  Some of these routines are in the Body Beast workout and some I have learned throughout my journey.  Work these in your next workout to bump up the intensity:

Tips when you begin your journey:

  • Show up every day.  If you want to see results, you need to put forth the effort every day.  Do your workouts.  Follow your meal plan.  Update your goals.  Every day.
  • Don’t give up.  Not every  day will be sunshine and rainbows.  But with a consistent commitment to following the workout and meal plan that is proven to work, you will see results.
  • Stay plugged into your goals.  Set your weekly goals, monthly goals and end goal.  As you progress through your journey, stay dialed into those and keep checking in to see how your progressing.

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