Tips for Working Out Late at Night

Is it safe to workout late?

You’ve made a commitment to working out whether it’s with Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, Body Beast, etc., and you’ve committed to staying on schedule. We all know that things come up and get in the way of our workout schedules. If you work during the day, you might have to worry about getting the kids from sports practice, making dinner, helping with homework and getting them ready for bed. If you are lucky, you might have “your time” to workout around 10:00 PM (or maybe it’s later). The point here is that you are still sticking to the schedule of your workout program and staying committed to your health.

Currently, Im doing Body Beast, and loving it by the way!  If you have been following me, you know that I work a stressful, long schedule at a sports arena. On event days I’m working no less than 12 hours. I get home around 11:00 PM, depending on the event, and I still need to workout. I know that I will feel better once I workout, and would regret it the next day if I skipped a day.

When I first starting doing my workouts late at night, I found that it would be hard for me to fall alseep after.  My body was still energized from the workout, leaving me sit in bed looking at the ceiling.  To help overcome this, I recommend finishing your workout with some reeeeeaaaaalllly gentle, relaxing stretches, done to relaxing music. Also, maybe while you sip on your recovery drink, include some relaxation techniques from yoga and see if that quiets things down. This has helped calm me down after late night workouts.

Fun fact for you; The National Sleep Foundation recommends exercising at least three hours before you go to bed as this gives your body time to cool down. However, research suggests that late night exercise may not affect sleep patterns. A study published in the “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise” journal in 1999 concluded that vigorous late night exercise did not disturb sleep in male cyclists.

With that being said, you can go both ways with it.  I say, your body is a machine, so if its your routine to workout late and it doesnt disturb your mood or sleep cycle, then keep it up!

My only problem now is occasionally during my more intense workout days, I tend to drink more water.  Alot of water, late at night, never ends well.  I do find myself getting up to go to the bathroom a little more than usual.  However, if you can find a routine, your body does adjust to it.

Do I use a pre-workout supplement, even when I workout late?  Yes, I do.  Now, this might take some time for you to get used to and adjust to.  I currently take the Energy and Endurance Formula about 20 minute before my workout.  I started with about 3/4th of a serving, and gradually increased it to 1 serving.  This allowed me time to adjust to it a little better, so I would still get my energy for the workout, but yet, I would still be able to successfully calm the body after my workout to get ready for bed.  If you’re going to take a pre-workout supplement, from experience, I would highly recommend the Energy and Endurance formula, and starting off with a tad smaller dosage until you can work up to a full serving.

When it comes to late night post-workout, I highly recommend the P90X Recovery Formulafor post-workout recovery! One of the greatest concerns is that they shouldn’t be taking in carbs late because they are stored as fat when you sleep. This is very true, with the exception of working out late at night. After you work out, your body goes into a catabolic state in which you burn a lot of calories for about an hour afterwards. When you take in simple carbs, most of them are burned up anyways because they are used for proper recovery and replenishment. Also, it’s very important to take in whey protein to help repair and rebuild the muscles post-workout.

Recently, since Im doing Body Beast, I also find myself going with Shakeology as my post workout recovery drink.   I like it because its a light shake, which is great before bed, but still have all my nutrients and protein to boost recovery.  Try your Shakeology post workout and see how your body reacts and if you like it, too.

Tips to Take Away:

  • Get the body into a routine
  • Observe your sleep schedule to make sure late night workouts arent disurbing your sleep
  • Find a GREAT post recovery drink to help boost recovery and results


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