The Birth of Gavin Michael Balmert

Welcome Gavin Michael Balmert!

Birth, through the eyes of my wife, Lindsay Balmert.


Gavin Michael Balmert
Born 04/23/13 at 10:00 AM EST
6lbs 5oz. / 19.75in.

“Gavin Michael Balmert is finally here! He’s now three weeks old and time is just flying by; before I know it, I’ll have to return back to work. I’m fortunate enough to be on maternity leave for 12 weeks. I love spending time with Gavin and watching him grow each day. He’s a good eater and getting to be a good sleeper! He’s perfect! I have to admit, not everything was always rainbows and butterflies! I feel it’s important for other women to hear my pregnancy story because I wasn’t warned about the complications that could happen.

Chris and I were ready to start trying for a family in July of 2012. We were fortunate to get pregnant on the first try! I knew my body was going to go through some huge changes, so I wanted to continue working out. I just completed the Ultimate Reset in June and was doing Insanity. I was really happy with my body. I wanted to continue working out because I knew it would be easier for me to lose pregnancy weight after the baby was born. I also told myself “you’re not eating for two and you can’t eat what you want.” It was important to watch what I was putting in my body because it wouldn’t only effect me, but the baby as well.  For those moms-to-be wondering, I did continue using Shakeology on a regular basis through most of the pregnancy.  Toward the end, I had my Shakeology every other day or so.  As pregnancy progressed, I had to slow down with Insanity so I also picked up a pregnancy workout DVD and started doing that.  However, I was only able to workout for a few weeks because I was exhausted after working all day and the pace was too slow!  It was a huge yawn-fest compared to what I was used to with Insanity.  Instead of doing nothing, I would go for walks and really watch what I was eating. My goal was to only gain 30 pounds. I kept to my goal and only gained 29 pounds!

gavin1Now, lets talk labor.  I had a horrible time. I went in on April 22nd at 9 AM to be induced, and didn’t have Gavin until April 23rd at 10:00 AM. It was a total of 18 hours of actual labor and two hours of pushing. Each time they would increase my pitocin, Gavin would decelerate. They would have to toss and turn me until they could get Gavin’s heart rate back to normal. I received the epidural around 7 PM, and that made me comfortable for maybe an hour. The doctor had to break my water, and I stayed stuck at five centimeters. Normally, once you hit five centimeters and the doctor breaks your water, things start to move pretty fast. Not in my case!

All night, Gavin continued to decelerate. Once they got him comfortable, my blood pressure would drop really low. They came in and gave me three shots of something to get my blood pressure to come up. A few times I felt like I was having a heart attack. My chest would get really heavy and I would have a difficult time breathing. I had to wear the oxygen mask for a majority of the time. I threw up at one point trying to get Gavin comfortable (I don’t even know how I had anything in my stomach since I wasn’t able to eat since 7 AM the morning I was induced). It was very touch and go all night with the both of us. My doctor monitored me all night, and was almost to the point of taking me in for a c-section. He decided we were alright to start to push.


It was 8 AM on the 23rd when I started pushing. The nurse told me that the pediatric doctor would be in the room along with additional nurses because they found meconium when they were checking me (that means they found Gavin’s stool in the amniotic fluid). This is pretty serious if it were to get in my blood stream or, worse, if Gavin ingested it. The nurse then told me he was molding which means he was going to have a cone head. So not only was I stressed about having to push, I now had these other issues to worry about!

As I was pushing, the nurse informed me that I tore. The contractions started to get more and more painful. I asked for them to increase the epidural medicine, but they couldn’t because they said I needed to feel the pressure of when to push. It seriously felt like I didn’t have any epidural medicine at all! I kept pushing and pushing wondering where the doctor was because I really thought that he was going to come out each time I pushed. Little did I know that he was barely moving as I pushed! Finally, the doctor came in. By this time, I was super congested and couldn’t breathe out of my nose. I had the oxygen mask but that was only drying me up more. So they would tell me to take a deep breath and push! Not so easy to do when you can’t breathe in the first place! To make matters worse, I got sick again while I was pushing!


I started to get really scared when the doctor told me if I didn’t get Gavin out within the next few pushes, he was going to have to use the vacuum or take me to the OR. The vacuum was out of the question because that was super dangerous. I wouldn’t have minded a c-section prior to me pushing and tearing, but I didn’t want to heal my stomach and down there! I had a talk with myself (and my doctor really knew how to piss me off) and pushed like there was no tomorrow. The doctor had to give me an episiotomy. Gavin was head down but he was turned the wrong way, so his shoulders were keeping him stuck. Once the doctor was able to turn him, he came out!  It was 10 AM on the dot!

No one wanted to tell me that his cord was around his neck or that the doctor had to cut me. They took Gavin over to the table and got him to breathe. He didn’t ingest any of the meconium, and he wasn’t effected by any of the stress we went through. I was pushing so hard that my eyes were almost swollen shut. My whole body was full of fluid. I started to get very angry with Gavin and really didn’t even want to do Kangaroo time (skin to skin). Once the nurse placed him on my chest, all the hard work and pain I went through didn’t matter. He was perfect and all these new feelings for him came out of no where!

gav5Instead of breastfeeding, my plan was to pump. Breast milk would be healthier for Gavin and pumping would help me lose the baby weight. I made this decision before I went through my difficult labor and delivery.   Now, I’m faced with getting my pre-pregnancy body back! I have to wait until my 6 week doctor’s appointment to be cleared to workout. It has only been three weeks, but I’ve started walking and doing some upper body weights. I’m not pushing myself but it’s hard not to want to workout when you start feeling like yourself again! Once I’m cleared on June 5th, I plan to get right back to Insanity, my absolute favorite workout program! With daddy and mommy being such fitness freaks, Gavin is going to know how important it is to stay healthy and in shape!

It was important for me to share this journey in case other mom’s out there went through something similar. There are more cases of labor going smoothly, but it’s important to have a heads up of what else can happen. Now, it’s time to look past that and enjoy the new man in my life! It’s about getting back to great health and back in shape so I can set a good example for my son. I’ve missed Shaun T and look forward to seeing him again!

If you’re interested in doing Insanity with me, please message me on Facebook – CLICK HERE!  I’m looking forward to starting up a Facebook group with a few other motivated folks to keep me on track!  Summer is coming fast, so I have some work to do!  In the words of Shaun T, “Let’s Goooooo!”


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  1. Lindsay, I follow Chris on FB and when I saw this I had to read it! The birth of my first was similar, but I needed a c-section after 22 hours of hard labor (including back labor) and being only 4cm dilated. I wish we could’ve chatted before, but to be honest, it would’ve scared the jeebers out of you! lol!! I’ve since had two more kiddos, all by c-section since as it turns out my birthing parts don’t seem to work. haha!! Enjoy this little man! I love the pics Chris posts & wish I could meet your family in person! Take care and enjoy the summer.. I think it’s finally arrived! 🙂

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