Body Beast / Turbo Fire REDUCED! *August Promotion

Huge August Promotion! Save on Challenge Packs! CLICK HERE: Order TurboFire!      |     CLICK HERE: Order Body Beast! For the entire month of August, the TurboFire and the Body Beast Challenge Packs have been reduced!  You can now get these packs for only $160, which is an incredible savings for everything that […]

How to Increase Metabolism

Speed Up Metabolism – Lose Weight Faster Did you know that you have a little personal trainer inside you? What do I mean? Your metabolism! That little trainer is the sum of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which its material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed, and by which energy is […]

Top Six Secrets to RIPPED Results

  Want to get RIPPED?  I can help! The SECRETS have been revealed!  Are you looking to get the best results possible?  Of course you are!  I have compiled a list of my TOP 6 recommendation to help you achieve the results you want as fast as possible. My goal is to help those I coach […]

Top Beachbody Coach Updates

I have amazing news to share!  Before I do, its crazy to think that it was only a month or so ago when I posted my first Beachbody’s Top Coach of the Year status and I was ranked 30th.  Then a few weeks ago, I posted another status update and I bumped up to 14t.  […]

P90X/Turbo Fire Hybrid Schedule

Below is a great hybrid schedule, combining P90X and Turbo Fire!  Be sure to check out all of my Hybrid Schedules!   Order P90X Order Turbo Fire   Weeks 1 – 3 (Phase 1) Monday: Chest, Back & Balls Tuesday: TurboFire HIIT 30 Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms Thursday: Yoga (Your choice) Friday: Legs & Back […]

Workouts for Busy Schedules

Let’s face it. We as Americans are busier than ever. We may have work, school, sports practices, meetings, church, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, etc. and that could be all in one day!  I actually think I may have done all of those at some point in one day!  As adults, we take on […]

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