Strawberry Shakeology – New Flavor!

New Shakeology Flavor – Strawberry Shakeology This just in! Hot off the press! Beachbody has announced that there will be a new addition to the Shakeology family! It looks as if we are going to be welcoming STRAWBERRY SHAKEOLOGY to the Shakeology family! The new Strawberry Shakeology will begin to ship on Monday, January 13, […]

Three Tropical Shakeology Recipes

What are the BEST Tropical Shakeology recipes?  That seems to be a common questions I receive on a daily basis from fellow Shakeology lovers.  I wanted to share three new Tropical Shakeology recipes I have blended up recently and have fallen in love with instantly.  Next time you blend up your Tropical Shakeology, be sure […]

Order Tropical Shakeology

TROPICAL SHAKEOLOGY IS HERE! Today is Monday, February 13th. It’s the day before the launch of Beachbody’s new Shakeology flavor, Tropical! Tropical Shakeology is about to hit the street full-force in less than 24 hours, I cant believe it. Its been a long wait for this one, but with this being 100% VEGAN, it was […]

9 Reasons to Drink Tropical Shakeology

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology®—just the sound of it makes you want to enjoy a tall glass on a sandy beach. But there’s so much more to it than just an enticing name. What’s in it? What’s the serving size? When can I get some? These and other questions will be poppin’ up left and right when […]

Tropical Shakeology Vegan Ingredients

TROPICAL SHAKEOLOGY INGREDIENTS LIST: The best part about the new Tropical Shakeology is that the mixture will be 100% VEGAN! So exactly does “VEGAN” mean? There will be NO more problems for those of you who want to stay away from any dairy and animal products. Shakeology’s protein currently comes from Whey protein isolate, which […]

Shakeology Review – Best Workout Shake

Review provided by: If you are familiar with Beachbody, then you have probably heard of their ultra-premium nutritional shake, Shakeology. One of the products that I decided to try out was their newest called Shakeology. It is not a protein shake (although it does contain whey protein) but rather a healthy meal in

Tropical Shakeology Vegan – February 14th

The announcement we have all been waiting for has just been made today on the Beachbody National Coach Call! Tropical Shakeology will be released on 14th of February!  It will be VEGAN!  I know I will be one of the first to order as I have been anticipating this for the past 6 months! Beachbody […]

Tropical Shakeology Vegan

This past weekend, I was at the Star Diamond Beachbody Coach Leadership Retreat in Dana Point, CA.  At the retreat, Beachbody decided to update all of us coaches on what the latest news was for the Tropical Flavor of Shakeology. Most coaches got an exclusive taste testing and loved at the new flavor at the coach summit […]

Tropical Shakeology Review

BREAKING NEWS!  Beachbody and Carl Daikeler (CEO of Beachbody and Co-Creator of Shakeology) announced the launching of TROPICAL SHAKEOLOGY at the 2011 Beachbody Coach Summit!  This is going to be absolutely nuts and I already have people asking to pre-order for it!  Since its obvious that Tropical Shakeology is going to sell like crazy, there […]

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