P90X3 Breakdown

P90X3 FAQ – Get Ready! Link to purchase P90X3 will be posted the second it becomes available on December 10th! TONY HORTON SUMS UP P90X3:  “You know what I keep hearing lately? “Tony, your programs are awesome, they make me look incredible. But an hour every day? Come on . . .” I get it. […]

P90X / P90X2 October Sale!

P90X3 is Coming Soon! HUGE SALE on P90X and P90X2! . CLICK HERE:  Order P90X on Sale!         CLICK HERE: Order P90X2 on Sale! So you’ve heard all the hype about P90X3 coming out this December (Click here to make me your FREE Coach for an instant update when its available). With that launching, Beachbody […]

How to Get Ripped Results – 5 Steps

GET RIPPED RESULTS – 5 STEPS Not long ago, I weighed under 150lbs with not an ounce of muscle mass on me.  I was fed up being the smallest, weakest guy in every room I entered, so I made the decision to change my ways and challenged myself physically and mentally.  Now, after gaining over […]

P90X and P90X2 Challenge Pack PROMOTION

P90X and P90X2 Challenge Pack PROMOTION – Save $80! Links to ORDER NOW: P90X Challenge Pack – Click Here to Order! (Save $80) P90X2 Challenge Pack – Click Here to Order! (Save $80) *is Chris not your Beachbody Coach? Click here to make him your Coach! . Starting March 1st and continuing through March 31st, the […]

Find a Workout that is Best for You

Congrats!  You’ve made the decision to achieve a healthier lifestyle by eating right and working out. You’ve got all the healthy recipes and foods, now you just need to find the perfect workout for you!  It’s important that you choose a workout routine that fits your lifestyle and time schedule.  If you start something you […]

Top Six Secrets to RIPPED Results

  Want to get RIPPED?  I can help! The SECRETS have been revealed!  Are you looking to get the best results possible?  Of course you are!  I have compiled a list of my TOP 6 recommendation to help you achieve the results you want as fast as possible. My goal is to help those I coach […]

My Transformation – P90X Insanity Shakeology

“Does P90X really work?”, “Does Insanity really work?” and “Does Shakeology really work?” are all questions I hear way too much!  Over 1,000,000 success stories and counting prove that these Beachbody products are GUARANTEED to change your body and health!  These products are real, the results are real, the change of lifestyle is REAL!  Here […]

P90X2 vs Insanity

What is the difference between P90X2 and Insanity?  Well, there is a lot of differences.  In a nutshell, P90X2 is your complete, total-body workout that will focus on building muscles, developing a strong core and increasing your endurance.  Other the other hand,  Insanity is an incredibly tough workout that will mostly engage your core and […]

P90X2 Shoulders + Arms Review

Holy cow!  If you thought the P90X Shoulders and Arm routine was a burn, then wait till you try P90X2 Shoulders + Arms!  Its a whole new ball game!  P90X2 Shoulders + Arms supplies you will all new moves that will work the muscles from the inside, out.  Its an intense workout that its a […]

P90X2 Chest Back Balance Review

The P90X2 Chest+Back+Balance routine is one of my favorites from the new P90X2 workout program!  This workout makes the original P90X Chest and Back look like a warmup.  This workout will combine the intensity of a chest and back workout with the incredibly difficult core strengthening routines, so not only will your chest and back […]

P90X2 Insanity Hybrid Schedule

Get ready to bring the pain with this EXTREME P90X2/Insanity Hybrid Schedule!  This schedule has been completely customized to combine the intense core, balance and strength moves from P90X2 with the explosive cardio moves on Insanity to give you the absolute best transformation you can have in just 90 days!  I definitely only recommend this P90X2/Insanity […]

P90X2 Balance and Power Review

P90X2 Balance and Power is exactly what it sounds like.  This workout will focus on your core strength to help your balance while you dig deep and use explosive routines to increase your strength.  This workout, like most P90X2 workouts, is more than you think and is actually a total body workout.  You’ll walk away […]

P90X2 Total Body Review

P90X2 Total Body workout is exactly what is says – a complete full body intense workout!  I think what makes this workout so amazing is where its placed in the P90X2 schedule!  This workout sneaks up out of no where and BAM, shocks your muscles and completely sends your muscles in complete confusion – which […]

P90X2 Ab Ripper Review

P90X2 Ab Ripper combines the most intense ab routines into a killer workout cycle.  If you are familiar with the original P90X Ab RipperX, then P90X2 Ab Ripper will remind you a lot of that.  It’s made up of completely different moves, however, the overal setup and pace of the workout are close to the […]

P90X2 Yoga Review

P90X2 Yoga is back with a kick!  Different from P90X Yoga, P90X2 Yoga is only an hour long – which Im sure a lot are happier about.  Within this hour workout, you will be able to clear your mind and relax the muscles, which in the end, will promote the BEST muscle recovery!  Let’s face […]

P90X2 Recovery + Mobility Review

What can you expect from P90X2 Recovery + Mobility?  After an intense start of the week, P90X2 Recovery + Mobility is a great workout to ease the muscles and give them time to breathe after the intense workouts like P90X2: X2 Core and P90x2 Plyocide.  Remember, giving your body time to recovery will help promote […]

P90X2 Plyocide Review

What should you expect from the P90X2 Plyocide workout?  Here is the answer… to drip sweat!  This workout is amazing, combining an insane core and balance workout with unique cardio routine.  P90X2 has a completely different style of cardio.  Might not seem extreme, however, I guarantee it you’ll finish in a puddle of sweat. “Death […]

P90X2 – X2 Core Review

What should I expect from P90X2: X2 Core?  Here is the answer… one HELL of a core workout!  Wow!  This workout really focuses on your core stability and core balance!  A perfect workout that will burn your core and help sculpt you and give you a six-pack without the crunches! “Human functionality occurs in the […]

P90X2 Worksheets

P90X2 workout sheets are up and ready to use!  Its very important to track your progress through out your P90X2 journey.  Trust me when I say, the best motivator you can have is yourself.  When you start tracking your progress with these workout sheets, you will see you endurance rising, strength increasing and flexibility burst […]

P90X2 Workout Schedule

P90X2 is the sequel to P90X and is back better than ever before!  All new workouts, all new routines, all new philosophies, all new cast members and of course, all new goofy Tony Horton one liners!  If you haven’t picked up your P90X2 workout, then what are you waiting for?  Be a part of this […]

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