P90X Lean Workout Schedule

Looking to lose a little more fat, but still gain solid, lean muscle growth?  The P90X Lean Schedule would be the perfect one to follow for you. When deciding to purchase the P90X exercise program most people do not know that there are three different versions you can do when you get your P90X. You […]

Body Beast vs P90X – Which is Better?

P90X vs. Body Beast – Who Wins? Now that I’ve completed Body Beast and have had P90X under my belt, people always ask me which program is better? I would be lying if I said one was better than the other. The truth is, they are both great programs. The real question is, which program […]

Top 10 Diet Tips to Lose Weight Fast

How can I lose weight faster?  Everyone is always looking for that solution to help them lose weight and burn fat just a little bit faster than they are now.  Well, to be honest with you, its not a secret and its not rocket science.  Losing weight and buring fat can be quite easy, if […]

Can I Buy P90X in Stores?

Can I buy P90X in stores?  Well the bad news is that P90X or any of the other Beachbody workouts are not sold in stores.  The good news is you can buy P90X right here right now and in about five days, will arrive on your doorstep.  The reason you can not purchase P90X or […]

P90X Tips for Women

Gaining muscle can be a different – sometimes more difficult – task for women than for men. First of all, while women almost all want that toned look, most women don’t want to bulk up the same way that men do. And secondly, women’s bodies are just built differently than men’s are. That doesn’t mean […]

My P90X Gym – Where the Magic Happens!

  Video of My P90X Gym – No bulking machines, No fancy gadgets! No Secrets! I often receive emails that ask questions about how I workout, the equipment I use and the amount of space I have so I have decided to show you “my gym.”  My gym is in my basement, which is about […]

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