P90X / P90X2 October Sale!

P90X3 is Coming Soon! HUGE SALE on P90X and P90X2! . CLICK HERE:  Order P90X on Sale!         CLICK HERE: Order P90X2 on Sale! So you’ve heard all the hype about P90X3 coming out this December (Click here to make me your FREE Coach for an instant update when its available). With that launching, Beachbody […]

P90X Tips to Success

Top P90X Workout Tips CLICK HERE: Order P90X Now! As most of you know, before I was introduced to the Body Beast workout program, I was a diehard P90X’er.  I completed about 4 full rounds of P90X.  Well, with that experience, I wanted to share with you some of the best P90X Tips to help […]

P90X Lean Workout Schedule

Looking to lose a little more fat, but still gain solid, lean muscle growth?  The P90X Lean Schedule would be the perfect one to follow for you. When deciding to purchase the P90X exercise program most people do not know that there are three different versions you can do when you get your P90X. You […]

Body Beast vs P90X – Which is Better?

P90X vs. Body Beast – Who Wins? Now that I’ve completed Body Beast and have had P90X under my belt, people always ask me which program is better? I would be lying if I said one was better than the other. The truth is, they are both great programs. The real question is, which program […]

Order P90X2

It’s official!  P90X2 pre-sale has begun!  I just ordered my P90X2 Ultimate Package and I cannot wait till it arrives!  You definitely want to GO BIG with this one!  In order to receive a copy of P90X2 before the holidays, you must pre-order!  If you do not pre-order, you will not be able to receive […]

P90X One on One Series Review

What is P90X One on One? I get a lot of questions asking what is this work out is. Is it a 90 day system? Is it a 60 day system? Is it a good workout?  Is it worth the money? The One on One series are EXCELLENT and are definitely worth the money!  Adding […]

Lindsay’s P90X Review

by:  Lindsay Hi everyone!  I’m Chris’ fiancée, Lindsay!  I really do exist!  I’m here to share with you my P90X journey.  For all the ladies out there who feel like P90X is only for guys who want to bulk up, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case! . I’ve finally motivated myself to actually […]

My P90X Review

My P90x Review I wish all I could say is “AWESOME!”, but I have a feeling I must explain why. I started P90X back in December of 2009 and I have been doing it non-stop since then.  I absolutely love the program and I love the results I’m seeing from the program.  This goes to […]

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