Jonathan’s P90X and Insanity Results

Check out Jonathan’s amazing P90X and Insanity transformation: . . . Name: Jonathan Schlenger Programs of Choice:  P90X and Insanity Enjoy Jonthan’s amazing journey: “In April 2008 I was my highest weight ever, 220lbs.  I got P90X, did 1 workout and said “forget this!” I couldn’t do it.  I tried to lose the weight by […]

What Happens After You Finish P90X?

So you’ve completed all ninety days of P90X or all sixty days of the INSANITY Workout. Your body has changed. You’ve lost weight. You’re leaner and more muscular. That body definition and muscle tone that you always wanted is right there. Most importantly, you feel great. You got exactly what you wanted out of the […]

Best P90X Results – Tips to Maximize Your Transformation

I wake up to messages daily and a lot are focused on P90X and if the transformations they see on TV and on Youtube are real?  Of course they are real!  P90X is a program designed to transform your body completely in just 90 days, which the thousands of transformation videos on Youtube and success […]

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