NEW Body Beast Mass Gaining Supplements

NEW MASS-GAINING SUPPLEMENTS ARE HERE! Beachbody’s new workout, BODY BEAST, focuses purely on gaining mass and bulking.  This strength and muscle building workout is Beachbody’s first serious mass gaining at-home workout routine.  BODY BEAST trainer, Sagi Kalev is a professional body builder, so gaining mass and becoming an absolute beast is right up his alley.  […]

Protein – Building Blocks to Gaining Muscle Mass

Not many people are aware of how important protein is when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle.  Simply put, no protein – no muscles.  Even for ladies, protein is important and it fuels the muscles, which in the end is what speeds the metabolism and burns away that unwanted fat!  Ladies, don’t fear […]

Add Size with P90X

Since starting P90X over a year ago, December 2009, it has completely changed my life.  Physically, I am a whole new person!  The workouts and diet of P90X have sculpted me a new body, one that I have never had before; even with the intense training I was involved in during my college baseball career.  […]

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