Elite Beachbody Coach 2012 – Chris Balmert

Why do I LOVE Beachbody Coaching? Watch! Also check out the blog under video! I am so blessed! Thank you so much! 2012 Elite Beachbody Coach!  Wow, absolutely incredible.  I am so incredibly blessed for this accomplish and everything that will come with it.  First off, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone […]

Unboxing Our Beachbody Ultimate Reset

It’s here!  My wife and I received our Beachbody Ultimate Reset kits and will begin on Tuesday, May 22nd.  Check out this video of the unboxing of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and what I expect to achieve over the course of our next 21-days.  Today is officially our last day before this miracle cleanse!  We […]

Let’s Get Started

Are your READY to get started?!  Let’s do this! First off, welcome to Motiv8Fitness.com!  My name is Chris Balmert and I am a Team Beachbody Coach!  If you are reading this article, then I want to congratulate you for making the choice to commit to a healthier lifestyle!  The Beachbody programs and products have changed […]

Chris’ Update 01.26.12

Hey everyone!  Today is Thursday, January 26th.  Before I start, GREAT NEWS:  my wife and I just finished closing on our first house!  We are officialy home owners!  Yay!  Any advice? Anyway,  I am going to start posting a “Weekly Coach Update” article every week here on the website.  This weekly post will consist of any new information I […]

Become a Beachbody Coach on Team Motiv8

In case you don’t know, my name is Chris Balmert and I am a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and the leader of Team Motiv8 Coaches.  Team Motiv8 is one of the top teams of Beachbody Coaches in the country! We are a team of passion, hard workers, and integrity, and looking for others who fit […]

FREE COACHING – Join the BEST TEAM in Beachbody!

Are you tired of being out of shape?  Are you tired of being overweight?  Are you ready to get ripped?  Are you a skinny guy looking to build some serious muscle mass?  Are you a woman trying to lose some weight to fit in tighter clothes?  Do you want to GET PAID for working out […]

Welcome to Motiv8Fitness – “X”treme Results

Hey everyone, First off, I want to thank you for visiting my site, motiv8fitness.com.  I hope you are finding exactly what you are looking for; whether its to add some serious muscle or burn off the unwanted fat – whatever you need, I am here to offer the best advice for you to do so.

Increase the Intensity of Ab Ripper X – Faster Results!

Do you want the washboard stomach?  Are you dying to have that shredded six-pack?  Of course!  Who isn’t?!  P90X’s Ab Ripper X is an intense abdominal/core strengthening workout that is done every other day (on resistance days) to help you completely transform your mid section! For the experienced P90X’ers, they are always looking for ways […]

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