Top Six Secrets to RIPPED Results

  Want to get RIPPED?  I can help! The SECRETS have been revealed!  Are you looking to get the best results possible?  Of course you are!  I have compiled a list of my TOP 6 recommendation to help you achieve the results you want as fast as possible. My goal is to help those I coach […]

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse – Day One

Today is day one of my Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse.  Why have I decided to do the cleanse?  I spent this past weekend in Dana Point, California for the Beachbody Coach Leadership Retreat with other top coaches and I did have a cheat meal.  I decided that since I’m back at home, that it’s time […]

How Many Calories are in One Pound of Fat?

I receive this question a lot from my clients, so I decided to throw it up on the website to explain it the best I can.  “How many calories are in one pound (1LB) of fat?”  When calculating how many calories you should both eat and burn per day and per week, you first need to […]

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