Gain Muscle with Body Beast

Body Beast has now launched! You can order Body beast, the equipment, the supplements, or stacks that include both the base program and the supplements! Below are links to a BASE Kit, a HUGE Stack, and a BEAST Stack. Here’s the links to each, and if you click them you will see more info about […]

Body Beast Shoulders is My Favorite Workout

“Lift BIG to Get BIG.” with Body Beast We all know how much I love the Body Beast workout program.  I love everything about it; the tempo, the pump you get, the trainer, the crew, the routines, etc.  However, of course I have a favorite workout that I look forward to doing weekly, and that’s […]

Body Beast / Shakeology Challenge Pack

Body Beast with Shakeology Pack! You heard me right!  The Body Beast with Shakeology Challenge Pack is officially here!  The price is lower than the other available challenge pack with the supplements and you can get it at only $180!  That includes the Body Beast workout, the bonus workouts, Shakeology on home direct, 30-Day Trial Club Membership and […]

Body Beast / Insanity Hybrid Schedule

What’s the BEST Body Beast / Insanity Hybrid? Well, I don’t know if this is the best one, but I’m definitely happy with it so far! After finishing Body Beast this winter and looking over My Body Beast Results, I want to start preparing for summer, therefore, I know I need to focus more on […]

Body Beast vs P90X – Which is Better?

P90X vs. Body Beast – Who Wins? Now that I’ve completed Body Beast and have had P90X under my belt, people always ask me which program is better? I would be lying if I said one was better than the other. The truth is, they are both great programs. The real question is, which program […]

$500 Beachbody Challenge Winner – Chris Balmert

I won $500 for my Body Beast results! How would you like to win $500 or possibly more just for getting in shape? I did! I won $500 in the Beachbody Challenge! What is it? The Beachbody Challenge is a proven fitness and nutrition system that empowers you to improve your life and rewards you […]

Natural Ways to Boost Your Testosterone

Get HUGE Naturally – Boost Testosterone What is one of your main reasons to workout? Is it to lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, tone up, gain muscle mass, increase your strength, etc.? I know a lot of people I talk to choose their workout program based on what will increase their muscle mass and […]

Why Order the Body Beast Challenge Pack?

Body Beast Challenge Pack – BEAST UP! Here is my 90-Day Body Beast Transformation Video: What is Body Beast? One of the latest crazes to hit the Beachbody world is Body Beast! If you are looking to bulk up, this is a pro-level bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplement system that will help you gain up to […]

Gained 10lbs of Muscle with Body Beast

Gain Muscle Mass with Body Beast Great news!  For those of you following my Body Beast journey, I am 40 days into the 90 day workout program.  I have officially broke the 10lbs mark!  Yes, I have gained 10lbs of mass since starting!  Its funny because most people dont want to gain 10lbs, but in […]

Body Beast Review – Build Phase

Body Beast – Phase 1 Build Review My Body Beast Review – Build Phase: Yesterday was my last day of the Build Phase of Body Beast, so I wanted to put together a quick review of the past three week of the workout program.  If you didn’t know, Body Beast is divided into three different […]

Body Beast is the Best Workout Program

BODY BEAST IS THE BEST! Why is BODY BEAST the best workout?  Simple.  It works!  The results are instant!  The pump is insane!  The workouts will BEAST YOU UP, guaranteed.  Im loving it! Wow!  So I just finished week two of BODY BEAST and I am absolutely loving this workout!  Honestly, I love P90X and […]

Download Body Beast Worksheets

DOWNLOAD BODY BEAST WORKSHEETS HERE! Beachbody launched a new workout program called BODY BEAST that focuses on gaining mass and building muscle!  The workout is lead by two-time Mr. Israel and fitness expert Sagi Kalev.  Sagi is a professional body builder and definitely knows what it takes to build a BEAST body.  If you are […]

Order Body Beast Supplements

NOW AVAILABLE:  BODY BEAST SUPPLEMENTS Along with the new fitness program from Beachbody, BODY BEAST, there will be a complete line of supplements to go along with it!  This line of Body Beast supplements are being released as Beachbody’s EXTREME Nutrition supplement line. From the what we see in the video below, and what I […]

Order Body Beast

Unleash the beast with Body Beast! ORDER NOW! Body Beast has now launched!  You can order Body beast, the equipment, the supplements, or stacks that include both the base program and the supplements!  Below are links to a BASE Kit, a HUGE Stack, and a BEAST Stack.  Here’s the links to each, and if you […]

Body Beast Equipment Needed

Equipment research credited to Todd Warren of GEAR UP FOR BODY BEAST! Are you ready to get RIPPED?  Are you ready to GAIN MASS?  Are you ready to be a BEAST?  You’ve seen me talk about this a few times before, but Beachbody is launching a NEW fitness program called BODY BEAST!  Many people […]

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