How to Get Bigger Arms

How to Get Bigger Biceps: Before we begin… If you’re interested in connecting and getting personal support from me during your mass-gaining journey, please shoot me a message on Facebook or email  Also, you can make me your FREE online fitness coach by clicking the link – Make Chris Your FREE Coach! Now, let’s […]

Body Beast / Shakeology Challenge Pack

Body Beast with Shakeology Pack! You heard me right!  The Body Beast with Shakeology Challenge Pack is officially here!  The price is lower than the other available challenge pack with the supplements and you can get it at only $180!  That includes the Body Beast workout, the bonus workouts, Shakeology on home direct, 30-Day Trial Club Membership and […]

My Body Beast 90 Day Results

View Body Beast Challenge Pack Does Body Beast really work? I am officially a Body Beast graduate!  On Thursday, October 11th, I finished my first round of Body Beast. Here are my 90 day Body Beast transformation photos. Day 0: 164lbs Day 30: 171lbs (click to see 30 day progress) Day 60: 177lbs (click to […]

Body Beast 60 Day Progress Photos

Day 60 Body Beast Progress Pics Beachbody launched a new workout program called BODY BEAST that focuses on gaining mass and building muscle!  The workout is lead by two-time Mr. Israel and fitness expert Sagi Kalev.  Sagi is a professional body builder and definitely knows what it takes to build a BEAST body.  If you are […]

Join My BODY BEAST Facebook Group

Are You Ready to COMMIT? JOIN OUR CHALLENGE GROUP NOW! If you are absolutely ready to BEAST UP with the Body Beast workout program, then I would love to extend the invite for you to join my exclusive Body Beast Facebook Group!  Get the support, motivation and encouragement you need to get the best results […]

Gained 10lbs of Muscle with Body Beast

Gain Muscle Mass with Body Beast Great news!  For those of you following my Body Beast journey, I am 40 days into the 90 day workout program.  I have officially broke the 10lbs mark!  Yes, I have gained 10lbs of mass since starting!  Its funny because most people dont want to gain 10lbs, but in […]

Body Beast is the Best Workout Program

BODY BEAST IS THE BEST! Why is BODY BEAST the best workout?  Simple.  It works!  The results are instant!  The pump is insane!  The workouts will BEAST YOU UP, guaranteed.  Im loving it! Wow!  So I just finished week two of BODY BEAST and I am absolutely loving this workout!  Honestly, I love P90X and […]

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