Chris Balmert’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Journey

22 Minute Hard Corps changed my life! First off, please take a minute to watch my 22 Minute Hard Corps transformation video below.  This video shares my round one results.  Don’t worry, as I continue my 22 Minute Hard Corps journey, I will launch a new video soon!  So keep checking back. I want to […]

Equipment Needed for 22 Minute Hard Corps

What do I need for Hard Corps? Wait!  First, check out my 22 Minute Hard Corps Transformation: As you could have guessed, 22 Minute Hard Corps is my new favorite workout!  I am absolutely loving it!  One of my favorite things, though there are so many things, is the fact that you don’t need much […]

22 Minute Hard Corps $5,000 Transformation Winner

22 Minute Hard Corps Transformation I won $5,000 by doing 22 Minute Hard Corps! I won!  I can’t believe it.  Out of 2,000 22 Minute Hard Corps result submissions, my 22 Minute Hard Corps transformation and story was vote the best and because of that, Beachbody rewarded me the $5,000 prize.  Wait, let that sink […]

How to Get a Six Pack!

Getting Six Pack Abs isn’t easy! I can almost see my six pack starting to show! Not bad for only 5 weeks, eh?  Please note, I know someone will be dumb enough to say something… but as you can see, day one photo is taken straight on and my current photo is taken in the […]

30-Day 22-Minute Hard Corps Results

22 Minute Hard Corps Results Here are my 30-Day Progress Update!  Half way there! One month down, one more to go!  Exciting news to share!  I just finished my first 30-days of 22-Min Hard Corps and I wanted to share my one-month progress photo!  I can’t wait to see what the last 30 days of […]

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