Stick to Your New Years Resolutions: 4 Tips


Holy cow! We are already four days away from Christmas. This year is just flying by! Before you know it, we will be ringing in 2013! Speaking of the new year, now is a great time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you are making a resolution to lose weight or quit smoking, sometimes it’s hard to stick to your goal.

Some of the top new year’s resolutions include, drink less alcohol, eat healthy food, get a better education, get a better job, get fit, lose weight, manage stress, manage debt, quit smoking, reduce/reuse/recycle, save money, take a trip and volunteer to help others. Of those 13 items, more than half deal with a healthier lifestyle. It’s not always easy to stick with your resolution. When you’ve made something unhealthy part of your every day routine, it’s difficult to completely eliminate that from day to day.

New Year's Resolutions, list of items

Here are four ways to make your New Year’s Resolution stick:

1. Have someone else make your resolutions for you – this seems interesting. You love your loved ones, so what better way to set your resolutions by hearing from your loved one. They obviously care about you, and may come up with something you never thought of. They can also hold you accountable.

2. Focus on quitting bad habits – “The biggest mistake most people make is jumping right into a new action plan,” says Dr. Dike Drummond at The Huffington Post. Our lives are quite full already. Before you can institute new, positive behaviors, you have to quit negative ones that prevent you from living a happy, healthy life.

3. Prepare yourself for inevitable setbacks – plan for mistakes. Don’t give up as soon as you hit a wall. We can all learn from mistakes. Just pick your head up and keep going! Don’t give up!

4. Be specific – if you make a plan to lose weight, right out the details of how you are going to accomplish that resolution. “I will order Insanity, stick to the meal plan, stick to the work out schedule, throw out all junk food from the house, cut back on my coffee intake every morning, drink my Chocolate Shakeology for breakfast each day, etc.”

These are some really great tips, especially the first one. I never thought about asking a loved one to choose my resolution. Since I have a pretty set work out schedule, I don’t feel I need to make losing weight a resolution, but I will be asking my wife what she thinks about a resolution for me! I’m a little afraid of what she might come up with (I hate doing laundry)!

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