Steph’s P90X Results

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Name:  Steph Turi
Program of Choice:  P90X

Steph’s P90X Story: 
“I can’t lie, I have never been over weight. But I can’t say that I had ever been healthy either. I was that girl in high school. The one who could eat like a 12 year old boy and never gain weight. (Yeah, I pretty much hate her now too.) The problem was – I ate like a 12 year old boy – think hot dogs and Spaghetti O’s (but never Spaghetti O’s with the hot dogs in it, that’s just gross) and I continued to do this until I was 29! So last year when the weight started to creep on, because I wasn’t 18 anymore, I decided to finally do something. After watching the P90X infomercial approximately 73,482 times my gym rat boyfriend asked me if I’d be willing to try it and do it with him. I was ready for change and figured since I was watching the infomercial so much, maybe it was a sign that this was the change I was looking for.

So we started, and I was seeing results quickly. Then on Mother’s Day weekend, in the middle of my Kenpo workout, I got a call from my Ma. “Steph, I need you to meet me at the ER, I think I’m having a heart attack.” Scariest. Phone call. Ever. After being diagnosed with having a heart attack, and emergency surgery to place a stent, a blood clot from a Pneumonia Shot and 2 weeks in the hospital she was finally out of the woods. The was a huge wake up call for me! She was only 60! But she was also 5’3″ and over 200lbs. I needed to get my butt into gear! I love my ma dearly but I did not want to end up like her! So I picked up my workouts, did my best with my diet and became a P90X graduate. Then promptly proceeded to sit on my ass. Completely. Totally. Not one gym visit or workout for a a year!

In the mean time my boyfriend Erik is working out like crazy, but still not seeing the results that he’d like and asked me if I would start P90X with him again. And, since I only had about 2 pairs on jeans that still fit me (and they were starting to feel tight), I said yes!

So we started again and this time we were determined to really focus, particularly on the diet.

After turning down 3 Coaches I had Dave McSheffrey approach me and for some reason really connected with. (Or as I told him, he was the first one that didn’t bug me) He is great for motivation and support! And he kept talking about this Shakeology stuff. I asked him about what is was and he told me about all the great things that are in it and that is does for you and offered to send me a sample. As soon as I tried it I was hooked and placed my order. Erik and I both started using it and in the first month started see results like we never had before! I was amazed! I finished my 90 days leaner and stronger and healthier than I have even been in my life!! I went from a size 7 to a size 2! And from 123lbs to 112lbs. And actually the size 2s are loose in the waste (I don’t have to unbutton and unzip them to take them off).

To say the least, P90X and Shakeology have changed my life! I can’t see myself ever going back to the way I was! I look forward to workouts and healthy meals now!

Now I’m healthy, got my six pack coming in nicely and am ready to help other people make life changes too!”


Great job Steph!  Excellent work and keep it up!
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