How to Get a Six Pack!

Getting Six Pack Abs isn’t easy!

I can almost see my six pack starting to show!

Not bad for only 5 weeks, eh?  Please note, I know someone will be dumb enough to say something… but as you can see, day one photo is taken straight on and my current photo is taken in the mirror so it’s obviously a reflection, which makes my tattoo appear like it’s on the other arm.  No people.. I did not remove my tattoo and place it on my other arm.  It’s a reflection.  Anyway…

5 week progress photo update:

Chris Balmert

Well, I am entering week 6 of my 22-Minute Hard Corps workout.  That means I have this week, week 7 and week 8 to really step up my game even more!  I’m definitely shocked and amazed how fast my body is starting to react to this workout.  Heck, I’ve never really had abs… like never.  And entering this workout weight just shy of 200lbs of nasty fat and gross goop, I am blown away where I am at right now.  I am down 24lbs and can finally see my abs popping through my skin!  I still have a little layer of fat to lose, but I’m confident that will be gone at the end of round one of this routine!

Here are the 22-Minute Hard Corps Packages if you’re interested in checking it out.  You’ll see the promos listed, too.

PS) I did the Shakeology / 22-minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack!  I wanted to go ALL IN and give everything I got to this.  So far, it’s paying off!  If you want to check out that one specifically, click here to see it!

But for real, and I think my progress supports this… but this workout has been a GAME-CHANGER!

Balmert Weightloss

After a rough… VERY… rough winter of the stress of work and moving into our new house, I let it get the best of me.  I put off my workouts, ate like garbage, and felt like complete crap.  I put on close to 30lbs of extra junk.  The gains I got from Body Beast were a thing of the past.  I was disgusted… and I knew I had to do something different.

Thankfully, I got 22-Minute Hard Corps and it’s been a complete game-changer ever since.  Week 5 is done and I am still going strong!  I am seeing faster results than I have seen with any workout program I have done!  Down 24lbs and it’s still melting off.  Now, I don’t want to lose too much more, but to be honest, I’m not stressing about the scale.  As long as my inches are dropping and I’m feeling better each day, then let’s go with the flow!  So far, I’m pleased!  But still more work to be done over the next few weeks of this first round!

I just wanted to give you an update on my journey so far.  A little past the halfway point and I’m definitely proud… but trust me, no where near satisfied!  I’ve had quite a few people start 22-Minute Hard Corps with me since sharing my progress and we’ve started an accountability group on Facebook.  It’s going so awesome!  Thankful to have support to keep me on track!

If you are interested in 22-Minute Hard Corps, let me know!  I have a promo going for it and more than willing to share that!  Also, if you want in the accountability group we have for it, shoot me a message on Facebook or email and lets get you added to it!  Always willing to help anyway I can!

Thanks for tuning it!  Keep checking back!  My 60-day (8 week) results will be posted when I finish this first round!  I hope to continue crushing this program and eventually making the cut for the infomercial!  Wish me luck!


Click Here to see the 22-Minute Hard Corps Packages!

Let me know if you check it out and I can send you the active promotion on it!  Happy to share!

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