Shakeology Success Stories

As I was getting out the ingredients for my morning Shakeology, I stopped and thought, “I want to watch some success stories about Shakeology.”  I know, random right?  I watch a lot of YouTube video in the morning, mostly music videos to pump me up for the day!  After watching this Shakeology testimonial video with tons of people who are seeing great results with this product, I’m more pumped than any music video could get me!

Shakeology has been making some huge waves in the fitness world. Why, because it is an awesome product and it is great for you!  I want you to walk into GNC with a list of 75 organic ingredients and ask which product in the store has all of these in an 12oz serving?  On top of that, taste great, under $150 and offers a full money back guarantee?  They will literally laugh in your face and saw, “Yea right, man, are you kidding me?”  How do I know this, I’ve done it.  There is nothing that even comes close to comparing to Shakeology.

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The coach network has sold over 400,000 bags of Shakeology  in just over 2 years with no infomercial advertising; strictly word of mouth and sharing our own success with the product.  Finally, a product that sells based on its results!  You don’t see that often!  Personally, I am not trying to lose weight, so I drink Shakeology for the pure nutrition it provides my body that I really can’t find anywhere in 1 scoop.  For those looking to lose weight Shakeology is exactly what you are looking for.  Replace a meal (I prefer breakfast) with Shakeology and do the Shakeology work outs 4-5 times a week and you are on your way to a new you, inside and out.  If you combine Shakeology with P90X or Insanity, then prepare for fast and noticeable results!  Committing to an intense workout program daily and committing to Shakeology and I will promise you the best results!

Why would you not want to give your body something this good for it?  Boost your energy and weight loss the natural way.  Skip the Red Bull, skip the $5 dollar Starbucks coffee, skip the Big Mac meal and give yourself something your body will thank you for.  I challenge you to find something this nutritious for $4 dollars a serving!  There is no way.  And remember, Shakeology is a REPLACEMENT, not an addition to.  If you start replacing a meal with your Shakeology, you will save money.  There is nothing better than saving money and losing weight.

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