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If you’re looking for a Shakeology Sample, you’ve come to the right place!  Along with sharing a sample with those I coach, I also love sharing my success with this product.  I have also included my complete Shakeology review!

My addition to Shakeology:
I’ve been using Shakeology for over a year now, and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t go a day without it!  I blend up my Chocolate Shakeology, 8oz Unsweetened Almond Milk, 2 teaspoons of Peanut Butter, and a handful of ice cubes every single morning for breakfast. Yeah, it’s official, I’m addicted to the stuff!

How I started Shakeology:
It’s actually quite an interesting story about how I did eventually try Shakeology.  Over a year ago, I drove to Columbus to join another coach with a fitclub/business briefing. When I arrived at his place, he was in the middle of blending some chocolate Shakeology.  I figured it was just another protein shake, until I saw the Shakeology Bag on the counter.  I knew about Shakeology, but was very skeptical, which is why I didn’t try it for the entire first year it was on the market.  Since I have been hearing so much about Shakeology, I asked if he liked it.  He looked at me with a dumbfounded look and said, “Are you serious?”  He poured the Shakeology he just blended up into two glasses and said, “Try this and tell me it’s not f***ing amazing…” (exact words).

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I remember right before I took a sip I thought to myself that it was probably like every other chocolate protein shake I’ve every had… but it wasn’t.  After I tried it I was hooked.  Go figure, the exact recipe he blended up is my favorite recipe to this very day (Chocolate Shakeology, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter and Ice).

My success with Shakeology:
When I got back home I ordered some for both Lindsay and I to try out for a month and see what kind of results we could get.  Lindsay ended up losing 12lbs and I lowered my body fat 4% and gained 8lbs of lean muscle within our first 30 days.  To see my full transformation, click here.

Instantly, there were noticeable affects from using Shakeology.  There was an obvious increase in energy throughout the day, we both were full until lunch and we felt our endurance levels increase during the workouts.

With our crazy schedules and always being on-to-go, blending up a quick shake that has so many nutrients and such a high serving of protein in only 148 calories, there is no better option out there!  We knew from that moment on, we found our new breakfast.  We signed up for the Home Direct option to save money on our order and have been using Shakeology for over a year!

Our family and friends success with Shakeology:
Since we both got great results with Shakeology, we talked to family and friends about it, and now my entire immediate family and many of my friends are using it on a daily basis. My uncle has lost close to 25 lbs, mom lost just over 10 lbs and two of my best friends lost close to 15lbs each off Shakeology alone!  None of them workout on a daily basis, which drives me nuts because I know they would see even better results!  Their results were simply weight loss from replacing meals they once ate (that were unhealthy) with Shakeology.  I exposed Shakeoloy to another friend who was looking to lose weight and began to workout daily.  His latest measurements were recently and after seven months of Shakeology and P90X, he lost 79lbs!

Shakeology is worth every cent:
Most people want to try Shakeology, but are hesitant because of the price, as I was at first. However, if you use it as it’s supposed to be used, as a meal replacement, it justifies the cost. For example, I used to go out to eat every day for lunch, spending anywhere from $6-$10 on something that I wasn’t sure was healthy or not. Now, I use Shakeology either for breakfast or lunch, which comes to about $4 per serving per day, so I’m actually saving money. It makes complete sense!  If you are looking for all the ways you can make Shakeology even more affordable, make sure you check out, “15 Ways to Make Shakeology Cheaper“.

Drinking just one Shakeology shake a day has also been shown to aid in detoxification. Years of harmful toxin build-up is eliminated from the body thanks to the ingredients in Shakeology, and it also aids the body in the absorption of vital nutrients and minerals.

In addition to the cleansing benefits of Shakeology, oxidative stress is also lowered by approximately 90% — meaning the chances of developing a degenerative disease is greatly reduced.  Jumpstart your weight loss by checking out the “Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse Schedule“.

Oxidative stress was also lowered by 90%, which means the chances for developing degenerative diseases went down along with it. Because Shakeology is made of whole food ingredients, all of the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals your body needs to stop cravings are there. As a result, it becomes much easier for the body to burn off excess fat.

With the 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients found in Shakeology shakes, free radical damage is greatly reduced and your risk for developing diseases like heart disease and stroke is significantly lowered.

My conclusion on Shakeology:
The things that people constantly struggle with is keeping track of the amount of calories they consume daily, the percentage of fat/carbs/protein they consume daily and always with finding healthy meals to eat on a regular basis to keep their diet balanced. I can’t tell you how many people email me asking me what can they eat that has the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that also doesn’t throw off their ratios. If you’re like me, you like it when you have complete control over the amount of calories you take in and don’t have to prepare an entire meal. I am not a big fan of preparing for lunch for an hour, and rather have something that I can make in a few minutes and get on my way. These are the reasons, among many others, that has made Shakeology extremely popular!

The BEST part is Shakeology contains just 148 calories, 17g of carbs, 17g of protein, and just 1g of fat per serving. You can use it as a meal replacement, or as a healthy snack if you have trouble getting in 5 meals per day. There are three flavors: Chocolate and Greenberry and soon to be Tropical (check out my full Tropical Shakeology review).

The chocolate flavor is very rich, while the Greenberry is more on the sweeter side. I personally go with Chocolate – for that fact that its more traditional and I can mix it with my protein nicely.

>> My favorite Chocolate Shakeology Recipes
>> My favorite Greenberry Shakeology Recipes

As I said, Shakeology can help you increase energy, lose weight, reduce cravings, and promote healthy digestion and regularity. It contains a daily dose of vitamins and minerals for optimal health, as well as protein and essential amino acids for muscle building.  People often ask me if Shakeology can be used post workout as a recovery/protein drink.  Sure it can, and if you blend it with some protein power and a scoop of organic peanut butter, you’ll easily have the healthiest protein shake!

Why do you want to select HOME DIRECT when ordering?
Here is a video of me explaining the exact reasons why the Home Direct option is a NO doubter!  Free shipping, free gifts! Check it out:

Shakeology SAMPLES:
If you want to try Shakeology, and are SERIOUS about purchasing some for yourself if you like the taste, I will send you a free Shakeology sample (chocolate) ONLY if I’m your coach. If I’m not your coach and you want to make me your coach, click here. Don’t try to trick me either because I’m going to check and make sure I am your coach before I send it out. Also, please make sure you’re serious about purchasing it because it does cost me about $5 per sample to send out.

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