Lindsay’s Tips for Setting Goals to Stay Motivated

By: Lindsay
The awesome thing about making Chris your Beachbody Coach, is that you have full access to Chris’ Fitness Corner, a private Facebook group where you can read and make posts about your fitness journey, get instant advice and see tips people have to offer.  Since Chris launched this page for his clients, it page has been growing like crazy.  There is nothing more inspiring than working with other motivated people who are battling through the same tough journey as I am. We all know how hard it is to commit to a workout, but with the constant flow of encouraging posts from people on this page, it will definitely lighten the load a little bit.  Over the past few weeks, I have been reading some really amazing posts from everyone in the page, but one in particular caught my eye…

“How do you stay motivated?”

Recently, during my chest and back workout with P90X, I heard the little voice inside my head saying, “This is pointless. Why are you even working out? You aren’t getting anywhere.” This is the same voice I listened to when I stopped P90X for the eighth time! Well, I made the decision not to listen to that voice anymore! So why was it different for me this time?

Once I heard that voice, I said to myself, “You are not going to quit! You’ve decided to make a lifestyle change! You have a wedding coming up in four months! If you don’t get into the shape you want to be in, you only have yourself to blame!” It is so much easier to stay motivated if you set a goal for yourself.

Start off by setting a small goal. If you set a small goal first, it’s easier to achieve and you feel better about hitting that goal. Since I quit the program so many times before, my first goal was to make it through the first week of P90X Classic without missing any days. When I completed the goal, it made me feel so much better, and gave me the hope  that I really could stick with it and provided me the momentum I need to keep up with the P90X program.  For my complete P90X review (through the eyes of a woman), click here!

Each week I set different goals to achieve for each exercise. It might be to do all 349 crunches in Ab RipperX, or do all the Rockstar Jumps (because those are difficult for me for some reason!). By setting these short term goals, this allows me to work toward a long term goal. Setting long term goals are important as well. Mine is to keep going with P90X after the 90 days. This is a lifestyle change and has become part of my everyday routine.  What’s your long term goal?  Do you have one? I’d love to hear about it and keep eachother on track!

How can you be held accountable for sticking to your goals?  Easy.  Since I have been a member of Chris’ Fitness Corner, I have never felt so motivated to stick with it!  The page is always full of encouraging words of wisdom that will keep you on the right track!  With so many people supporting your journey, its impossible to fall of the wagon!  If you want to join in on our inspiring conversations, make Chris your Official Team Beachbody Coach so you can be team up with us on the Facebook page. I look forward to reading your posts on Chris’ Fitness Corner!

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