Rob’s P90X Transformation

Here is one of the most inspiring transformations I have ever seen.  My client and fellow coach on Team Motiv8, Rob Luhrsen has absolutely dominated his 90 days with P90X! I have provided you his story to show what this amazing program can and WILL do for you life if you chose to commit to it.  Think about it, its YOUR body.. don’t you think you owe it to yourself?!  Enjoy…

My P90X Review and Transformation

If you knew me at the beginning of this year, I was planning on starting P90X up after January 1st.  I started and got very sick with mono that was most likely stress induced (doctor’s words), was off work for 2 full weeks, and then had to take at least 5 weeks off from even lifting pretty much anything since it could rupture my spleen…  So instead of eating right and trying to stay on my idea of health and wellness, I just started eating.  I also drank whiskey almost each night to help me sleep…  I was heading down the wrong path quickly.  I was feeling terrible, but I made it a point that I was going to start P90X by April 1st.  I got the itch and decided to start on March 26th, the day that marked the beginning of the rest of my life.

Does it work?

This program has not only changed my body, but it has changed me in many other ways.  And YES, it works.  You have to be the one to Push Play and you have to be the one who wants to make a change to your wellbeing.  In this round, I lost 20.5 pounds and 4 inches off my waist line.  I went from 26% body fat down to 6.5% body fat in 90 days!  I took pictures along the way because its hard to tell differences in the mirror when you don’t have anything to compare what you are seeing to.  So take progress pictures, if you don’t post them on facebook, just keep them for you.

I feel great every day.  I have that feeling that I am actually healthy.  I have a clear mind, I breathe just fine, steps don’t faze me and even jogging doesn’t faze me anymore.  I was able to run a 5K with some good friends last month and it was great!  It actually FELT GOOD.  I could never have said that when I was younger, I HATED running. It was like a punishment!  It has a nutrition plan that helps you understand how to be healthy.  Actually, eating nutritious food and fueling your body is about 70% of getting results with any workout.  And yes, that is true with P90X.  I get messages from time to time asking why they are not seeing results; I ask if they are following the nutrition plan and 9 times out of 10, they aren’t.  I can’t eat McDonalds?  NO! No one should ever eat McDonalds or any fast food for that matter.  You are only throwing your money in the trash can eating out like that.  The food is nutritionally void and only hurting you.  It’s never helping you.

Does it work for you?

No workout program is going to work for you if you don’t give it your best.  You want results, Do Your Best and Forget the Rest.  Tony Horton says it every day and by God, it is the truth.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, but yourself.  Take notes of your progress on your weight sheets so you can see how much weight you used and are able to tell when you need to increase your weight.  You’ll see results that way!

How long are the workouts?  How many days a week does it take?

The workouts range anywhere from about 50 minutes to 90 minutes.  The longest is Yoga X.  And if you say you don’t need Yoga in your workout routine, you are wrong.  Yoga is one of the best overall body strengthening workouts out there.  I used to think the same thing when I was younger, “I’m not doin any Yoga, it’s for women.”  Haha, that’s not true!  It’s for everyone and it works you to the bone!  You will come away feeling like a million bucks every time you do it.  It is for you and don’t skip it!  Same with X Stretch.  It is on your 7th day, or it’s called your rest day.  Sometimes I skipped it only when I had a plan come up, but I felt much better the following week if I did X Stretch.  The workouts are 6 days a week, 7 if you count X Stretch as a workout.  The resistance days are every other day depending on what day of the week you start and have an Ab Ripper X routine at the end.  It’s a 17 minute ab routine that gets you the best abs of your life!  I actually can see mine and never thought they would ever exist!  Opposite of your resistance days you have Plyometrics, aka Jump Training.  It’s a pretty brutal cardiovascular exercise that involves getting off the ground.  For someone with bad knees, there is a Cardio X Option which is actually really fun!  Plyometrics will work ya!  There is also a Kenpo X Day (Karate) and of course the Yoga X day.

Do I need to use supplements?

I highly recommend supplementing your daily nutrition with supplements with this program.  It is not a necessity, but you will see better results and feel much better than you would without it.  The ones I use are Shakeology, the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, the P90X Protein Bars (soo good), and a Natural Whey protein from a store by my house called Good 4 U Nutrition.  Please see my notes on the reviews of these supplements in the separate notes.

What kind of equipment do I need and what comes with it?

You will need a Yoga Mat, Resistance Bands or Dumbbells, and a pull up bar.  If you don’t lift weights or never had, it’s really up to your preference.  If you want to build up your muscles more bulky, it would probably be best to get dumbbells because you are going to need heavier weight than the majority of the bands available.  If you are just looking to get leaner muscles, bands are the way to go.  If you can’t do pull ups, you can get a Resistance Band loop that wedges in any doorframe that you put the band through to do pull downs on.  I personally have the Powerblock U90s (go from 5lbs to 90lbs) and some of my friends have the Bowflex Selectech dumbbells.  Both allow you to have many sets of dumbbells in just two dumbbells, so they take up a lot less space and end up being about ½ the price of buying all the same amount of dumbbells individually.

The program comes with 12 dvds, a nutrition plan, an exercise booklet, a wall calendar, and if you buy it through a coach, like myself, you get a free bonus dvd with it worth $20.    You can also purchase a package deal that gets you a pull up bar, bands, and the recovery drink with it for a discounted price.  Contact me if you are interested in the program.

What is a Phase?

There are 3 Phases in the program.  The workouts change in each phase to provide Muscle Confusion.  This process of never letting your muscles get to a Plateau Effect, makes your workouts count every time.  You will be sore for the first couple weeks of each phase.  To lessen this soreness, the P90X Results and Recovery Drink is MONEY!  It’s delicious, tastes like a Dreamcicle mixed with Tang.  It’s very refreshing after a grueling workout that you earn it with!

The nutrition plan changes with each phase.  Phase one is High Protein and low carb.  Phase two takes a little protein away and adds more carbs.  Phase three is a high carb low protein based nutrition plan to really fuel your muslces for energy and growth, and should only be done if you are really giving it your all and possibly doing the doubles schedule in P90X.  Otherwise, the carbs that don’t get used up will be stored in your body (fat).  I went up to the second phase nutrition plan and stayed there all through Phase III.

How long do you have to wait before you see results?

Everyone is different.  I found that I started to see results by the end of Phase I.  Once I got halfway through Phase II, around day 45, I really started noticing the gains in my muscle mass.  My shoulders were getting definition and so was my chest and arms.  My stomach had become much flatter as well.  I was seeing a drop in the scale,  and lost only 6 pounds in my first Phase.

“I’m a female and I’ve heard that only men should do this because I don’t want to get bulky.”

This is a myth. I know plenty of women doing P90X and they get in the leanest, healthiest, and sexiest shape of their lives.  Moms that have had 3 kids get their tummies tightened and they see their six pack!  Men can get bulky because of the amount of testosterone we have in our bodies.  Women would need to increase their testosterone levels through things like anabolic steroids to get bulky.  You may see an increase in inches on your legs because you are firming up your muscles, but then the fat will melt away and they will decrease in size  There is also a lean schedule that some people choose to do that comes with the program and has less resistance and more cardio in it.  I always recommend the classic to anyone who asks, because people always get the results they want with Classic.

What is your overall recommendation and evaluation of this program?

P90X is a rigorous workout.  I would recommend it to people who have some level of exercise history in their lifetime.  There are many people who haven’t worked out in years and do P90X and as long as they want it bad enough they will get the results they want.  You just have to Push Play every day and Do Your Best and Forget the Rest.  I give the program 9 out of 10 because it does everything it says it can do and even improved my life even more.  The reason I give it a 9 instead of a 10 is just because of the amount of time it can take on someone.  However, if you want to get in the best shape of your life and do it quickly, this is the program for you and it will teach you things about yourself that you never knew! Like just how tough you really are!

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