Are Pre-Workout Supplements Safe?

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Safe?


Well, this is a loaded question.  Of course, before using a pre-workout supplement, or any supplement for that matter, if you have previous health issues, you may want to contact your doctor or a professional first.

But let’s cover the basics of the question.  There have been some controversy in the past about which pre-workout supplements are safe and which aren’t as safe.  I’ve heard people call some pre-workouts “dangerous”.  By no means do I think pre-workouts are “dangerous”, but I do think some are a little safer and less potent based on their ingredients.

So what exactly makes up a pre-workout supplement?

What’s In a Pre-Workout Supplement?

There is an unending list of various ingredients that can be found in pre-workouts. The supplement industry has largely been able to do what it wants with little oversight from government agencies. With so many companies, they all want to get the edge and use new and exciting ingredients. In most pre-workouts you’ll find creatine, caffeine, and beta alanine.

So are these three main ingredients safe?

CAFFEINE – Another highly studied and proven supplement! Caffeine is a great performance enhancer, when used safely. If you’re like me and are not sensitive to caffeine, most pre-workouts won’t be an issue as far as a significant boost in energy, jitters or uneasiness. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you’ll want to ease into pre-workout to see how your body will react.  You should take caution if you have a large caffeine intake outside of your pre-workout because too much can be harmful and uncomfortable. Caffeine is been shown to increase power output and have an anti-fatigue affect on running.

CREATINE – Yes it is safe.  Creatine is the most researched in most proven supplement you can take. Creatine helps you exert maximal energy and get those extra last reps. It also draws water your muscles. Over time, that extra work will help you get stronger and stronger.

BETA ALANINE – This is another supplement to help with muscular endurance. It is well studied, and like creatine, it’s not dependent on when you take it. You want to take it regularly to benefit from BA. One side effect of beta alanine is itchy or tingling feeling. Ever take a pre-workout and feel like your skin is crawling with bugs?  Ha.. that’s what you’re feeling kick in.  It’s not harmful, outside of being annoying and comfortable.

Do Your Research!

So those are the three main ingredients of a pre-workout.  Of course you’ll see other ingredients, so before you consume a pre-workout, make sure you read the label, do a little research and read product reviews.

What Pre-Workout Supplement Do I Take?

Currently, I take ENERGIZE.  I like this pre-workout a lot.  It gets me going, but at the same time, I’ve never had the jitters or tingles from it.  Some pre-workouts I have consumed get me a little too wired up, therefore I actually experience jitters, itchiness and even some hot flashes.  ENERGIZE hasn’t gave me any of these annoying side-effects, and I have seen a boost in my intensity and endurance during my workouts.

I take it roughly 20 minutes before my workout with a shot of water.  I don’t like to use a lot of water when I mix it.  Just enough to swig in down in a gulp or two.  The less liquid, the better.  One, it won’t leave you bloated while you workout.  And two, it helps ENERGIZE kick in faster.  The less you dilute it, the better and faster it works!

Want to try ENERGIZE?  Here is a good promo on it…

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