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Tips to Maximize Your P90X Cardio Workouts

If you’re doing P90X or just researching to decide if it’s the right workout program for you, then you’re aware that the program is not without its cardio components. And that’s a good thing, because any successful workout also has cardio involved in it in order to burn fat and calories. In the case of […]

Coach Chris’ Best Tips

Here is a list of my best tips to help you maximize your results.  Select the topic you’re looking to seek some advice: . >>> BUILD MUSCLE MASS DURING P90X >>> THE “MUST HAVE” LIST >>> MY TOP-SUPPLEMENTS LIST >>> WHAT MY P90X GYM LOOKS LIKE >>> HOW TO GET THE MOST OF THE WORKOUTS […]

Building Mass Tips

<< Back to My Best Tips So you’re looking to add muscle mass during your P90X journey.  Is that possible to do?  Of course it is!  However, in order to build muscle mass the correct way, there are certain things you need to do!  I have compiled a list of everything I could think of […]

P90X Tips for Women

Gaining muscle can be a different – sometimes more difficult – task for women than for men. First of all, while women almost all want that toned look, most women don’t want to bulk up the same way that men do. And secondly, women’s bodies are just built differently than men’s are. That doesn’t mean […]

Top 10 Tips to Burn Off Those Last 10 Pounds!

Cutting calories too low will cause your body to think it’s starving, and it will hold on to the fat you’re trying so hard to lose. Working out longer will cut into your personal time and probably won’t help you drop those last few pounds anyway. Instead, I have compiled 10 tips to tweaks during your […]

Best P90X Results – Tips to Maximize Your Transformation

I wake up to messages daily and a lot are focused on P90X and if the transformations they see on TV and on Youtube are real?  Of course they are real!  P90X is a program designed to transform your body completely in just 90 days, which the thousands of transformation videos on Youtube and success […]

P90X for Women – Tips for a Slim and Sexy NEW Look!

I receive daily emails from women asking about P90X and if its possible to do the P90X program and not “bulk” up.  A lot of ladies consider P90X when preparing for an upcoming wedding, graduation, anniversary or a vacation.  Who doesn’t want to look their best during these celebrations?  We all do!  Now as far as women taking on the P90X challenge, […]

Diet Tips: How to Properly Dine Out While Following P90X Diet

Some of you run into the problem of staying on the P90X diet when you are forced to go out to eat for a special occasion.  Here are some of my personal tips to keep to the diet the best way possible. Watch the salads. When most people order a salad at a restaurant, they believe […]

Tips and Information About Taking Your Before and After Pictures

Some of the common questions I receive that regard taking photos during P90X are usually, Why take pictures?  How often should I be taking pictures?  Is there a certain way I need to stand during my pictures?  You may not realize how important taking picture can be.  Believe it or not, but taking pictures actually […]

Need Help Motivating Yourself to Workout at Home? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Tips to a Successful At-Home Workout Here is the most important tip, outside of the five pointers I have supplied and that’s to never go at this alone!  Use the support from Team Beachbody and the advice from me as your coach to help motivate you everyday to push play and stick to the workout.  […]

Happy New Year – Tips to Setting Goals

P90X goal setting and why it’s important.  Actually, it doesn’t matter what work out regiment you are about the start because the same rules apply.  You have to set some goals but even before you set your goals you have to realize where you are starting from.  Just stepping on the scale will not cut […]

Can’t Seem to Burn Off That Stubborn Lower Belly Fat? Here Are Some Tips to Help!

Tired of the annoying belly fat that just won’t go away?  Learn what it takes to burn it off and reveal that sexy six-pack! Have you been doing the P90X workout and dying a little death when it’s time to get out the Ab Ripper X portion of the workout? Maybe you’ve been doing Hip […]

Diet Tips – Eating Healthy When You Dine Out

Helpful tips to help you stay on the right track when you dine out: If you’re doing P90X and following the P90X Nutrition plan, then you know that you’re not just making changes for the next ninety-days while you complete the program. You’re making changes that you’ll want to keep forever, because once you experience […]

Diet Tips – Easy Ways to Control Your Cravings

Avoid your triggers. “You crave what you eat, so if you switch what you’re eating, you can weaken your old cravings and strengthen new ones,” says Marcia Pelchat, PhD, of the Monell Center. This can happen pretty fast. For five days, her study volunteers drank bland dietary-supplement beverages. During that time, they craved fewer of […]

Quick Diet Tips for Gaining Size During P90X

As you may have researched, the P90X program has been designed to melt away the fat, whip even the most out-of-shape average Joe into shape and stack on lean muscle.  Most P90X users who are trying to add size with the program find this very difficult to do so due to the high impact cardio […]

Tips to Boost Your Energy

I can almost guarantee that you yawned after seeing this picture to the right!  How many of you find yourself using the excuse of “I’m just too tired to workout tonight, I will start tomorrow.”?  Do you find yourself saying this same excuse day after day – postponing your workouts more and more?  Perhaps you […]

Become a U.K. Beachbody Coach Now!

U.K. Beachbody Coaching is LIVE! Become a U.K. Beachbody Coach! Click Here to Become a Coach Now! Our Beachbody team runs deep.  So many people, from so many places, with so many incredible stories to share… And now, officially, I am super excited to welcome those from the U.K. to our Beachbody Coach team! Team […]

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FREE GUIDE: My 5-Common Mistakes

I WENT FROM ROCK-BOTTOM TO SUCCESS STORY ONCE I STOPPED MAKING THESE 5 COMMON MISTAKES! Are you MAKING THESE MISTAKES, too? This guide will show you HOW TO CORRECT THEM and SEE AMAZING RESULTS! Hello!  I’m glad you want to check out my success guide, which includes the 5 biggest mistakes I felt I was […]

Become a Beachbody Coach in the UK

Beachbody Coaching in the UK! Ready to become a FOUNDING U.K. Beachbody Coach? Click Here to Become a Coach Now! Are you ready to become a Beachbody Coach in the UK?  Well guess what?!  Team Beachbody and the Beachbody Coach Opportunity is launching in the UK in October of 2017!  So finally, those who have […]

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