P90X3 December Sale!

P90X3 Challenge Pack SALE!

That’s right! You heard these two words in the same sentence, P90X3 and SALE!  As you may have already heard from some of my previous blogs, P90X3 is launching December 10th, 2013.  With the launch of the new P90X3 workout system, there will also be a huge promotional sale to bring in the holiday season!

Starting December 10th, the complete P90X3 Challenge Pack will be discounted to ONLY $180 (regularly $205).

That’s $63 in savings if the products were purchased separately! Plus in the month of December, on top of the discounted price, you will also receive the exclusive P90X3 baseball cap!  That way you can commit to P90X3 and wear and share it to the public proudly!

What’s included in the P90X3 Challenge Pack?p90x3_3

  • P90X3 workout
  • P90X3 Bonus workouts
  • Complete meal plan and workout schedules
  • Your choice of Shakeology flavor
  • 30-Day Trial Club Membership
  • Free Shipping
  • Access to our P90X3 Challenge Group on Facebook

Why is the P90X3 Challenge Pack the way to go?

Well, obviously reason is that it’s going to be on SALE!  The only chance you’ll have to get it at such a great price!  But in all seriousness, think of it this way… The P90X3 workout alone will be $119.85, which after tax and shipping will be close to $140. Why not just pay $40 more and also receive a month of Shakeology, a trial of the Club Membership, Free Shipping, all the extra bonus workouts and exclusive P90X3 ball cap?  To be completely honest with you, since you’re already going to commit to the workout, that extra $40 is well worth it, especially when Shakeology is $120 when ordered by itself. Now, they can get Shakeology (and a bunch of other bonus gifts) with your P90X3 purchase for only $40 more!  No brainer…

Plus, I am a GO BIG or GO HOME type guy!

Where can I get the P90X3 Challenge Pack?

You can get the P90X3 Challenge Pack on this website when it becomes available on December 10th, 2013!  Remember, there are no pre-order options for P90X3, so I recommend getting yours right away to avoid any back order issues, especially with the rush of the holidays!  I will post the P90X3 workout as soon as we see it’s available to purchase!

Check out the P90X3 FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About P90X3

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