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P90X3 FAQ – Get Ready!

Link to purchase P90X3 will be posted the second it becomes available on December 10th!

p90x3_2TONY HORTON SUMS UP P90X3:  “You know what I keep hearing lately? “Tony, your programs are awesome, they make me look incredible. But an hour every day? Come on . . .” I get it. You want the results, and you’re willing to do the work, but your freakin’ schedule is jam-packed. And you know what I have to say to that? GOOD. Because that’s what challenged me to roll up my sleeves and set out to create something truly revolutionary.” says Tony Horton.

THE MUSCLE ACCELERATION SYSTEM: Studies shows that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise.  Tony Horton took everything he’s proven with Muscle Confusion™ and Muscle Integration, and tailored new routines to take advantage of this science of shorter workouts.  The MUSCLE ACCELERATION SYSTEM combines a highly-structured schedule with an incredibly high level of intensity and an unprecedented variety of moves that keeps every muscle challenged for the full 30 minutes.

Tony says, “I took everything I learned from P90X and P90X2—coupled it with new science that shows intense 30-minute workouts can get you in better shape faster—and slammed it all into overdrive. The result? Short, targeted, intense workouts that take just 30 minutes—but leave you looking like you’ve been tearing it up in the gym all day, every day.”

90 DAYS – 30 MINUTES A DAY:  P90X3 is a 90-day extreme fitness program designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day. Each one of the accelerated 30-minute workouts has been uniquely developed to produce the greatest physical change in your body, in the most efficient way.

p90x3 resultsP90X3 FAQ:

Q: When can I buy P90X3?
A: P90X3 will be available on this website December 10th, 2013.

Q: Can I Pre-Order P90X3?
A:  No, you’ll have to order off this site on December 10th, 2013.  We have been warned that this program will be in such high demand, especially around the holiday, so you’ll want to order as soon as it’s available to avoid any back order problems!

Q: When should I order it to guarantee I get it by Christmas?
A: Order by 12/15 11:59 PM to guarantee delivery by 12/25.

Q: How many days is P90X3?
A: P90X3 is 90 days – consisting of (3) 30-day blocks

Q: How many workouts are in P90X3?
A: P90X3 will consist of 16 workouts, plus bonus workouts

Q: How long are the P90X3 workouts?
A: All workouts will be less than 30 minutes.  Time is no longer an excuse!

Q: Is P90X3 a sequel to P90X and P90X2?
A: No.  P90X3 is not a sequel to these workouts, so it can be used as a beginners workouts.  You do not have to graduate from P90X or P90X2 before you do P90X3.  P90X3 was designed for anyone; the newbie or the pro athlete.  This workout can be for anyone.

Q: Is there a vegan meal plan option available for P90X3?
A: There will be vegan options included in the new P90X3 Nutrition Guide.

Q: What type of equipment is needed for P90X3?
A: Similar to P90X, you will need basic dumbbells (or bands), a chin up bar and your body weight

Q: Will bonus workouts be available with P90X3?
A: P90X3 will include bonus workouts.

Q: What will P90X3 include?
A: P90X3 base kit will include

  • 16 unique and brand new workouts on 8 DVDs
  • Plus, 5 Free Gifts
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 90 Day Workout Calendar
  • How to Accelerate Intro DVD
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Network Exclusive P90X One on One: On One Leg DVD
  • Network Exclusive Premium P90X3 Hat ($24.95 value) – December Only!

Q:  What’s included in the P90X3 Deluxe and Ultimate Kits?
A:  Here is what you will receive:

  • P90X3 Deluxe Kit
    Includes everything in the Base Kit PLUS…
    – 3 Elite Extreme workouts on 1 DVD
    – Includes free Elite Block Calendar
    – 1-Month E&E Tub
    – 3 B-Lines Resistance Bands
  • P90X3 Ultimate Kit
    Includes everything in the Base & Deluxe Kits PLUS:
    – 1-Month R&R Tub
    – Gym-Quality P90X® Chin-Up Bar
    – P90X® Chin-Up Max
    – Premium Beachbody Jump Mat

Q: How much will P90X3 be when it launches?
A: Here is the pricing for all the P90X3 Kits:

  • Base Kit Pricing
    Retail $119.85 + S&H
    Club $107.87
    Coach $89.89
  • Deluxe Kit Pricing
    Retail $239.70 + S&H
    Club $215.73
    Coach $179.78
  • P90X3 Ultimate Kit Pricing
    Retail $329.55 + S&H
    Club $296.60
    Coach $247.16

Q: Is there an App available?
A: The P90X App will be available for Android on 12/10 and the Android version will include the ability to track P90X3 workouts. The functionality to track your P90X3 workouts will be available soon for the iPhone App.

Q: Will P90X3 sell out?
A: Just like Focus T25, P90X3 will be in HIGH-DEMAND so the sooner you order, the better.  December 10th, P90X3 will be available on this website!

Q: Will there be a promotion for P90x3 when it launches?
A: P90X3 launches December 10th, so yes, there will be a promotion during the month of December!

  • Challenge Pack will be discounted to $180 (reg. $205) which includes:
    – P90X3 Workout
    – Your choice of Shakeology flavors
    – 30 Day Club Membership trial
    – Bonus workout
    – Free Shipping
  • Promotion Bonus Items will include:- P90X3 Ball Cap
    – “One on One on One” bonus workout w/ Tony Horton

Q: What types of results can I expect with P90X3?
A: All depends on what you put into it.  The P90X3 test group had insane results.  Out of 40 people in the test group, 39 people lost at least 10% body fat!  Understand that even though P90X3 is only 30 minutes per workout, the workout is going to be intense and deliver extreme results.  Now, if you aren’t completely keeping up with the workout videos, they walk you through the modifications to follow until you are ready.

Q: Is P90X3 Guaranteed?
A: Commit to the workout and to the simple diet plan Tony Horton has created, and your results will blow people away.  P90X3 will be back with a full money back guarantee, just like every Beachbody workout.  No risk to try it!  But, I know you’ll LOVE IT.

Q: What would be the BEST DEAL when ordering P90X3?
A: Personally, I would recommend the Challenge Pack.  You want the best results, right?  Of course you do.  With the P90X3 Challenge Pack, you’ll not only have the P90X3 workout, but you’ll also have Shakeology and the trial Club Membership to help boot your results.  Plus, think of it this way:  P90X3 will be $119.85, which will be around $135-$140 after tax and shipping.  Especially with the Challenge Pack discounted for the entire month of December, why not just spend the extra $40 and get the entire workout package?!  Talk about the most bang for your buck!  And, with the Challenge Pack, not only will you receive all the fitness goodies to help your results, but you’ll also receive the P90X3 ballcap and the additional bonus workout!  No doubter to go BIG for this one!

Q: What types of P90X3 workout schedules will be included?
A: For P90X3, you can do the Classic, Lean, Mass or Doubles schedule.

  • CLASSIC – Traditional balance of cardio and resistance, will help you gain muscle and lose fat
  • LEAN – Designed for those who prefer a more toned look, where you’ll target functionality, mobility and cardio over resistance training
  • MASS/BULK – For those looking for bulk over getting ripped, you will focus on more resistance training, while incorporating a higher caloric intake into your diet
  • DOUBLES – As Tony would say, this schedule is for workout “psychos” who have the ability to push through two workouts per day

Q:  What do I do after I finish P90X3?
A: The Elite Block includes 3 workouts not included within the P90X3 Base Kit. These workouts and calendar can be found within the P90X3 Deluxe and Ultimate Kits. In addition, they can also be purchased separately.


If you want to be added to the group, and keep in touch during our P90X3 journey, then go ahead and do that and also add me on Facebook!  I’m excited to have the man, Tony Horton, back in my life!  I started my Beachbody journey as a proud P90X’er, so it’ll be nice to have P90X3 a part of my routine again!

Let’s BRING IT – X3 STYLE!!!


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