P90X3 Ab Ripper X3 Review

Ab Ripper X3 Review

p90x3 Ab Ripper X3Lindsay and I have started to incorporate P90X3’s Ab Ripper X3 after our workouts every other day.  Unlike the original P90X, the P90X3 Ab Ripper X3 is considered a bonus workout and is not included with the P90X3 Base Kit.  However, it does come with the P90X3 Deluxe Kit and the P90X3 Ultimate Kit.  If you just go with the P90X3 Base Kit, you will need to purchase the bonus Elite Kit with it.

What is P90X3’s Ab Ripper X3:

Welcome to the latest incarnation of abdominal hell, which not only focuses on your rectus abdominus (that’s where your washboard is) but also transverse abdominal and internal and external obliques. So basically, you are working all 360 degrees of your core every workout.  Even though all P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes, P90X3’s Ab Ripper X3 is only 15 minutes.  You will go non-stop during these 15 minutes; leaving your core on fire!  On top of this, you will be drenched!

P90X3 Ab Ripper X3 Moves:

Well, two things.  One, I don’t want to give the workout away and spoil the surprise.  Two, some of the moves have goofy names, so even if I listed them, you wouldn’t totally understand what they consist of.  But trust me when I say, they are all tough.  You will do everything from planks, to bicycles, fast moves and slow, up and down, in and outs. And of course, with every version of Ab Ripper, Tony always leaves a fun surprise as the last move.  In P90X3’s Ab Ripper X3,  this last move is a KILLER!  All I can say is, do your BEST to nail 100!  Good luck!

Once you finish Ab Ripper X3, you will be left on the floor in a puddle of sweat with a tightened, throbbing core.  It’s awesome!

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Let’s BRING IT – X3 STYLE!!!

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  1. Where Do I include X3 Ab Ripper in the schedule? Is it the same as p90X, as in every other day?

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