So what in the world is the difference between CrossFit and P90X?  Are they the same?  Are they different?  Which one is better?  Which one works?  I get these questions a lot, so I’ve decided to do a simple comparison between CrossFit and P90X.

First off, here is a picture (below) of CrossFit creator, Greg Glassman.  Side by side are Beachbody program creators like Tony Horton (P90X), Shaun Thompson (Insanity), Jon Congdon (CFO/President of Beachbody) and Carl Daikeler (CEO/Founder of Beachbody).  After seeing this picture, I am on board with Beachbody.  Why?  Because I am a firm believer of being a TRUE product of the product with whatever it is you represent.  Now, I’m not sure if Glassman has any sort of health problems, however, being a true walking billboard of what you represent is POWERFUL, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

CrossFit is great for accountability seeing that you physically have to get up and drive to the gym.  You have a trainer who will log your times, and everyone else gets to watch you.  They even post your results on a webpage so everyone can log in and compare times.  Sounds like a pretty public way of staying accountable, right?

P90X has a different type of accountability, which I think is much better for people.  I have the privacy to struggle in the confines of my own home, with no one staring at me or laughing as they see how many pullups I could struggle with.  Where is the support?  The amazing support lies in a huge community through TeamBeachbody.com, or in my case Team Motiv8.  The majority of people, especially those who are new to working out would prefer P90X and Beachbody’s way of support and encouragement since it’s less public and less discouraging.  Personally when I started P90X, the last thing I wanted was to post my results publicly for thousands.

CrossFit focuses on olympic style lifts like clean and jerk, overhead squats, etc.  These are technically difficult lifts, and require a lot of practice to do correctly and avoid injury.  CrossFit involves a lot of proper form and athletic skill, which for someone who is new to working out, can be extremely hard to do and to do safely.  It is a great workout and is very intense, however, take a long time to build up into it and can be very tough for people who are out of shape or just starting off to take part in.

P90X  focuses on body-building lifts that are easier to execute (technically) but can target specific muscle groups for muscle development.  Plus, while you are doing the workouts, there are several ways to modify the moves to make them easier or more difficult based on your physical ability.  With this feature, P90X has been perfectly designed for those who are new to working out to those who are skilled athletes.  Again, I prefer this approach.

CrossFit requires a gym.

P90X requires a way to play a DVD.

CrossFit has no nutrition guide or supplement advice.  It’s just workouts. 

P90X has a scientifically designed nutrition guide, and supplements engineered by experts to maximize results and truly transform our bodies.  The nutritional plan has been perfect designed in phases to go along with the program so you are able to see such extreme results in only 90 days.  

CrossFit workouts often take less than 20 minutes for someone in great shape.  Add in the commute to and from the gym and you are out about an hour to an hour and a half of time in your day.  Then you still need to make time to plan your meals.

P90X workouts usually take close to an hour.  No commute.  All exercise!  Plus, once that’s over, the P90X Nutritional Guide allows you to have your meals planned out so you are getting the proper nutrition for recovery.

So in conclusion, I prefer P90X because it’s more convenient, designed for newbies or skilled athletes and allows me to workout in the comfort of my own home with the amazing support from those on TeamBeachbody.com.  Plus with P90X, it gives you the complete system you need to transform your body in only 90 days. 

With my personal experiences with P90X, it not only gives me workouts that I really enjoy and push me to the brink — it also has taught me the keys of nutrition and supplementation that have taken my results into a whole new world!  I love P90X and will be a true P90X’er for life. Why?  Because it work and it’s convenient for my lifestyle!  I’m not trying to drive to a gym everyday, no thank you. Think about it this way, for the same price you would pay to do CrossFit at the gym, you can now do P90X / Insanity at home AND buy the supplements I need to get the most out of it!  There is no argument there, definitely more BANG for your buck!  Beachbody’s P90X is better than CrossFit.

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