P90X Recovery Formula Review

If you’re a daily visitor to my site, you already know about the supplements that I use and recommend to others. If you’re not, then you will find those supplements in the “Q&A” section. One of the post-workout supplements that I have been recommending since I first started P90X is the P90X Recovery Formula.

When I first started P90X, I didn’t understand the importance of post-workout recovery, and then after doing much research, I quickly found out that it’s crucial if you want to repair muscles properly.  You can workout daily, stick to a harsh diet plan but still not see any results if your muscles are not recovering fully during workouts.  Working out fatigued muscles can risk injury, as well as, be counter productive and slow/stop your results.  I think you can agree with me that the last thing you want to do is bust your butt every single day and not see any results from it.  I have been on this recovery drink since day one of P90X and I mix it up after every workout.

P90X Recovery Drink Review: The first thing that people see when they look over the nutrition label of the Recovery Formula is the high sugar content and immediately get skeptical.  I don’t blame them because I used to think the exact same way until I learned the importance of post-workout recovery. When you work out, your body uses the glycogen stores in the muscles to fuel your workouts. Once you finish your workouts, your muscles have become depleted of glycogen and need to be restored right away. Usually, when you take in sugar, it causes fat storage, but since the muscles are so depleted, they act like a sponge and soak up all the sugar that was just put into your body. The great thing about the Recovery Formula is that it contains a perfect 4:1 carb to protein ratio, and also has a ton of other ingredients for recovery like arginine, creatine, and creatine, so when the muscles soak up the glycogen, they also soak up these ingredients as well, leading to proper muscle recovery!

Not only is the P90X Recovery Formula crucial for post workout recovery, but it tastes amazing as well and can be mixed several different ways!  It actually tastes like an orange cream sickle!  It’s by far the best post-workout supplement that I have come across, especially since it was designed to help you recovery from these intense workouts.  If you want results, you need healthy muscles!  Healthy muscles are ones that FULLY recover between workouts!  This recovery formula is a must have in your supplement arsenal.

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