P90X Recovery Formula

This is a vital part of the P90X Home Fitness System.  When mixed with water, it  combines carbs and proteins to a 4:1 ratio. Not only is its orange flavor absolutely delicious (identical to an orange creme cycle), but is has no bitter aftertaste. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, creatine, L-Glutamine and much more of the stuff that your body needs to recover after a gruelling workout. With only 220 calories per serving, it won’t disrupt your diet and nutrition program. The P90X Recover Drink is available in either a 3.5 lb tub (25 servings) or in individual packets (26 servcing per box).

What Makes It Different & Effective?
After a serious workout like P90X or Insanity,  the P90X Recovery Drink will significantly aid in the muscle and physical recovery that your body needs to recover and heal in preparation for your next extreme activity.

When recovery between workouts is insufficient, the results will be obvious: lower workout intensity & poor form, fatigue, nagging muscle soreness, and even the lessening of muscle mass that is indicative of over training. Overwhelming scientific evidence has shown that vital, concentrated nutritional intake occurring within 90 minutes of a high-intensity workout, can significantly aid and shorten recovery time. This is where the P90X Recovery Drink comes into play.

This Is How the P90X Recovery Drink / Formula Works
Muscle fiber is made of proteins that get bigger when the protein is synthesized. Strenuous exercise increases muscle breakdown as well as lowering levels of protein creation. Glycogen, the main source of energy for muscle fiber is also depleted. Insulin, the hormone that enables muscle tissue to absorb glucose and build glycogen, is also lowered. The level of insulin will drop throughout the duration of the workout.  Maintaining insulin levels is key to helping your muscles to repair themselves, grow, and get ready quickly for the next workout.

It ensures that proper levels of glycogen are maintained are that the protein synthesis process commences. It is packed with complex carbs that function as the main source of your body’s glucose, the main ingredient needed to produce glycogen.

Simply Amazing Benefits
The complex carbs of the P90X Recovery Drink will raise levels of  glycogen. This is key because if your glycogen gets low, low protein production can be the triggered, and instead of gaining size and strength your muscles will shrink. The P90X Recovery Drink encourages the body to raise its insulin level. Insulin is essential to the crucial task of protein synthesis.  Complex carbs will also stimulate muscle growth by assisting in the release of growth hormones and diminish concentrations of cortisol, a hormone released when the body undergoes a strenuous workout – like during the P90X workout.

The P90X Recovery Formula has 10 grams of protein in each  serving. The amino acids it contains are of high bio-availability and function as essential components in the process of recovery. The amino acids in the P90X Recovery Drink work with your body’s  insulin to make a max amount of muscle protein.

The Final Word
There is no better carb/protein recovery drink available anywhere than the P90X shake. The most efficient form of carbs is used in the the recovery: glucose and glucose polymers (multiple glucose molecules) like maltodextrin. The best protein, whey hydrosylate, is used in the recovery drink.

Liquids are absorbed and utilized much more efficiently than foods by most people after a workout. The P90X Recovery Formula assists in rapidly replenishing fluids that were depleted during exercise.

The P90X Recovery Drink is loaded with extra vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants needed by bodies that are recovering, repairing themselves and getting stronger and leaner. Required daily recommendations of important vitamins and minerals are contained in the P90X Recovery Drink.

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