P90X / P90X2 October Sale!

P90X3 is Coming Soon!

HUGE SALE on P90X and P90X2!


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So you’ve heard all the hype about P90X3 coming out this December (Click here to make me your FREE Coach for an instant update when its available). With that launching, Beachbody has decided to pump up the excitement by DISCOUNTING both P90X and P90X2!  So, during the entire month of October, P90X and P90X2 Challenge Packs will be discounted from $205 to only $180!

Here’s what you get when you order either Challenge Pack:

  • The P90X or P90X2 workout program
  • The bonus workouts with it
  • Your first 30 – Day supply of Shakeology – and yes, you can now get the combination packs (ex: Chocolate and Vanilla packets)
  • Free 30 – Day trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club
  • FREE Shipping – The entire package will ship free of charge in 2-4 business days
  • Full Money-Back Guarantee!

You get all this for just $180, which is a hell of a deal!!! Just the programs alone are each $120 and Shakeology is $130. You are saving $90! This is an incredible deal to help you stash up on these workouts for the winter, or for a future fitness commitment!

Do I need to do P90X or P90X2 before P90X3?

No, you don’t.  P90X3 will have a modifier to follow if you aren’t totally ready to give the full 100% intensity.  Also, P90X3 will consist of 20 workouts, all under 30 minutes.  So they will be short, but don’t let the short time trick you.  These workouts are designed to kick your ass!  So, if you want to gear up for P90X3 so you can give 100% intensity, you can start P90X or P90X2 now and you’ll be close to complete or fully finished just in time to get P90X3! You’ll be ready to go! Get in a workout routine now and when P90X3 arrives on your doorstep, 30 minutes a day will be a piece of cake!

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CLICK HERE:  Order P90X on Sale!         CLICK HERE: Order P90X2 on Sale!



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