P90X Diet Tips to Control Cravings

by: Lindsay
Whoa!  Plyos kicked my butt tonight!  I had a great workout yesterday with chest and back, then ARX!  I felt so great yesterday, and so proud of myself for busting out more push-ups than I’ve ever done!  I’ve noticed the more I workout, the hungrier I’ve been getting!
It’s normal to feel hungrier than usual when you workout.  I’ll admit, it made me nervous at first that I was so hungry!  I’m doing P90X to lose weight and tone, I don’t need to be eating all this food.  Chris explained that I can’t look at it that way.  Making sure to eat small meals throughout the day will help speed up your metabolism so you can burn more fat during your workouts! This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want though (but wouldn’t that be great!).  Here is a great tip to follow:  Often when you feel hungry, you’re actually just craving fluids.  Try drinking a glass of water to see if your cravings go away.  This is a great way to satisfy your body while keeping your body hydrated.  Also, daily consumption of water (at least 64oz) has been proven to speed your metabolic rate and promote faster digestion and regularity.

You also have to remember, P90X is a stressful workout that demands a lot from your body.  You need to make sure you follow a structured nutrition plan.  I suggest following the P90X Nutrition Plan as it has been designed to maximize your results with the program.  Following a consistent diet will allow your body to consume enough nutrients to survive the workouts and help promote a speedy recovery.  That will obviously lead to the best results.
Because I find it easier to workout right when I get home, I have to think of a good post workout meal, which are usually high in protein and low in fats.  Chris and I have a lot of chicken meals!  It’s usually quick and easy and will supply your body with the protein it needs to rebuild the muscle tissuethat was torn during the workout routines.  Tonight I made spicy chicken with rice.  Here is a fun fact for you: Spicy foods also speed up your metabolism, so thankfully we enjoy spicy food!  Other nights, we have things that come up.  Sometimes we need to eat before we workout, and I usually try to make something a little lighter, then wait about 30 minutes or so to workout.  We often find ourselves using the Team Beachbody Customized Meal Planner to help us plan ahead with delicious meals we wouldn’t usually think about cooking.  This definitely makes grocery shopping a lot easier.  I highly suggest using the meal planner if you love to cook and you’re always looking for healty, delicious meals to prep.  My cookbook is only so big and since it has been handed down from generation to generation, most of the recipes aren’t the healthiest way to go. For more information about the Customized Meal Planner, click here!
When I BRING IT during the workout, I find myself looking for a late night snack.  My body is feeling hungry since I have burned a lot of calories during the workouts. To help refuel, instead of going for something that  would ruin all the hardwork I just put into my workout, I turn to Shakeology.  Chris and I have the chocolate Shakeology and love to mix up a cold shake for dessert or as a reward after a tough workout.  I always buy strawberries and bananas to mix with it.  Sometimes I add a little peanut butter and it takes just like a Reese Cup!  You can’t tell me having a healthy shake that tastes like a Reese Cup doesn’t sound AMAZING! 
If we finish our Shakeology and we are waiting on our present to come in the mail (Home Direct), I’ll have a glass of chocolate milk.  I only put a little chocolate syrup (even though sometimes I want more) in my skim milk.  Yes, this is ok to do!  Just recently, Physiologist Joel Stager, director of the Human Performance laboratory at Indiana University, published in this January’s International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, that chocolate milk is a great way to replenish tired muscles.
Obviously, it’s better to reach for the healthy Shakeology drink, but when in doubt, it’s OK to reach for the alternative.  So many people have been posting on Chris’ Fitness Corner tasty Shakeology recipes.  I can’t wait to start trying them, especially mixing mint extract in the chocolate Shakeology!  If you want to get these recipes and share your own in the Fitness Corner, make Chris your Beachbody coach, and he’ll be happy to add you to the group!  Of course, make sure to try  Shakeology so you too can taste the greatness everyone talks about!

Questions about why Shakeology differs from a regular protein shake and other multi-vitamins?  Click here for the full review on Shakeology and what it has to offer that other shakes fail to.

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