New Greenberry Shakeology Review

NEW Greenberry Shakeology is here!


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Greenberry Shakeology is now new and improved! The new Greenberry Shakeology formula was put to the test back in February when a panel of customers and coaches tasted the new improvements. Greenberry was introduced four years ago, so it was time for a change!  Here is my full review!

What do I think of the NEW Greenberry Shakeology?

photoBeing an Elite Beachbody Coach, I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak taste of the new Greenberry Shakeology formula before it launched.  Personally, I was not a fan of the original recipe at all.  Frankly, I couldn’t even stomach it.  When we received the sample of the new formula, I was a little nervous and skeptical to try it.  I didn’t have much to blend it with, so I blended the new Greenberry Shakeology formula with some orange juice and ice.  Surprisingly, I was very pleased with the new formula; confidently saying that Beachbody did a great job improving it.  I enjoyed that it’s less of an herbal taste, and more of a sweet, fruitier taste to it.

My Greenberry Shakeology Recipe:
– New Greenberry Shakeology
– Orange Juice
– Ice Cubes
*you could probably blend it with strawberries/banana

Would I recommend this Shakeology flavor first to anyone interested in trying Shakeology?  Umm, probably not my first choice.  I’m not going to lie.  Not because I don’t like the new Greenberry Shakeology formula, but mostly because I am a huge, huge, huge fan of both regular Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology.  Those are the first ones I recommend to those that I coach.  However, this new Greenberry Shakeology formula is a HUGE improvement, so I am more confident in recommending it to those who don’t wish to have chocolate or tropical.

What’s new with the improved Greenberry Shakeology?

  • Reduced calories from 140 to 130 per serving
  • Reduced Sugars from 11g to 6g per serving! (5 grams less than before!)
  • Reduced Total Carbs from 19g to 13g per serving
  • Increased Protein from 16g to 17g per serving
  • Fiber increased from 3g to 4g due to the addition of pea protein and increase in super greens.
  • Reduced fructose necessary in the formula due to the addition of Luo Han Guo
  • We added Shakeology’s newest superfoods: Luo Han Guo, Moringa and Himalayan Salt.
  • We increased the amount of super-greens (it is Greenberry after all!) and included an even more delicious natural flavor which works more harmoniously with the formula to makes Greenberry sweeter and fruitier.
  • Green tea used is no longer decaffeinated — therefore it is less “processed”.
    (Note: Green tea is naturally very low in caffeine).
  • Plus we incorporated the improvements we made recently to Chocolate:
  • More concentrated grasses. We’re using grass juice powders. The grasses are first pressed into juices—which allows us to concentrate the nutrients—then the juice is further concentrated into a powder. (Before we were just grinding the grasses themselves into powders)
  • Better strain of probiotics
  • No suma root or blue-green algae
  • Still Low Glycemic Index

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Just like all of Beachbody’s products, there is a full, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee offered on the new Greenberry Shakeology!  What’s this mean?  It obviously means that you can try the new Greenberry Shakeology 100% risk free!  Remember, be sure to select HOME DIRECT when checking out your order, that way you can get FREE SHIPPING and the free recipe gift to help you find a perfect recipe!  Even if you want a one-time purchase, STILL select HOME DIRECT, that way you can get the FREE SHIPPING and save money!  Then, you can simply cancel your next order before it’s scheduled to ship out! CLICK HERE to Order Greenberry Shakeology!

How do you try the new Greenberry Shakeology?

This new Greenberry formula is available starting now! If you are currently on Greenberry Shakeology home direct, you don’t need to do anything to switch to the new formula; you will receive the new formula on your next shipment. If you are on home direct and wondering if you still get the locked-in price of $119.95 (before April 1st), you still get the new formula at that price. So what if you have the locked-in price for Chocolate Shakeology and want to switch over to the Greenberry? You can switch to Greenberry and still keep the locked-in price!

CLICK HERE: to Order Greenberry Shakeology

Once you receive your new shipment of Greenberry, you will know you have the new formula because the front of the bag will have delicious fruit and greens surrounding the Shakeology glass. If you enjoy the original formula, you can still get it for a limited time only. The other change to the packaging is that it no longer will say gluten-free. All Shakeology formulas do not contain any gluten-based ingredients and Beachbody makes every effort to prevent any ingredients with gluten from coming into direct or indirect contact with their products. However, because of Beachbody’s high standards they do not feel it is appropriate to make a gluten-free claim since Shakeology is produced in facilities that also handle gluten based ingredients.

Again, all in all, I’ve had the chance to try the new Greenberry formula, and I was quite pleased! To be honest, I really didn’t care for the old formula, but this new formula is really a huge improvement!

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