My Body Beast 90 Day Results

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Does Body Beast really work?

I am officially a Body Beast graduate!  On Thursday, October 11th, I finished my first round of Body Beast. Here are my 90 day Body Beast transformation photos.

Day 0: 164lbs
Day 30: 171lbs (click to see 30 day progress)
Day 60: 177lbs (click to see 60 day progress)
Day 90: 181lbs

View Body Beast Challenge Pack

My Transformation:
Over the passed 90 days, my body has been pushed even further, helping me accomplish some of the best results I’ve ever seen with a workout.  Not only do I feel stronger physically, but mentally as well.

Body Beast didn’t only help me gain muscle mass and lift heavier than I have ever lifted in my life, but it also helped me gain my confidence back.  I have always been in decent shape since I was involved in sports all my life, but after college, I struggled keeping my athletic built.  I started the Body Beast workout back in July at 164lbs.  I finished the program at 181lbs, with a noticeable difference in my upper body.  I can honestly say that after 90 days of Body Beast, I am in better shape now then when I was in the heart of my college baseball career.

Did I use the Supplements?:
Yes, in fact I did use the Body Beast supplements, (Base Shake, Fuel Shot, Super Suma, Max Creatine).  I also kept using Shakeology, however, I would use Shakeology more as an additional mid-morning snack, instead of using it as a meal replacement, that way I could still get my nutrients and vitamins to help promote faster recovery.  In addition to helping my recover, I occasionally use my Recovery Formula on days were my body was feeling a little more sore post workout. For those who are looking to give their Body Beast results 100%, then I highly recommending including the Body Beast supplements and sticking to the Body Beast Nutritional Plan as closely as you can.  To make it easier, I would recommend going with the Body Beast Challenge Pack, which will include the Body Beast fitness program, the Body Beast nutritional guide, and all of the Body Beast supplements with free shipping.  Click here to order the Body Beast Challenge Pack!

What’s next?:
I have to keep going!  I will be starting a new round of Body Beast here shortly to bring in the winter season!  I’d like to continue adding to my build.  I might incorporate a little more cardio to help stay tone, but other than that, I will continue in full beast mode!

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