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The P90X program isn’t just a way to lose weight through workouts. P90X is a holistic program that combines nutrition and workout to completely transform your body in only 90 days. I have discussed proper diet and how to maximize P90X through nutrition products extensively through out my site, but one thing we haven’t gone into detail about is how to supplement your P90X program and results with liquid nutrition. There are essentially two types of liquid nutrition that you’ll want to consider when you undertake P90X or any other intense workout: liquid nutrition to assist with your weight loss effort and liquid nutrition to give you extra nutrition to fuel your workout. I’ going to discuss both.

Liquid Nutrition to Assist With Your Weight Loss:
Almost everybody who begins P90X cites weight loss as one of the desired goals, and I think that using one liquid meal a day to jumpstart weight loss is a safe way to go as long as you are using a liquid meal replacement that’s formulated to give you enough nutrients and calories to support your workout goals. The reality is that a liquid meal replacement for one meal allows you to not only control calories more tightly but also to avoid unwanted fats, carbs and toxins that you may be getting in other foods. A set liquid meal time also gives your diet structure, which is an element that many people struggle with. I strongly recommend Shakeology, which was designed by the same people responsible for P90X and which simultaneously flushes toxins from your system while providing all the nutrition you need. However, no matter how you approach it, if you include a liquid meal in your diet plan, make sure that it’s a liquid meal that still provides enough fuel to support the intense P90X.  Shakeology will do just that, and then some – backed by a “Bottom of the Bag Guarantee”.

Liquid Nutrition to Fuel Your Workout:
The reality is that P90X will drain you, and you’ll need to be sure that you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, carbs and protein to support the ways in which you are tearing your body down with the workout. From recovery drinks like P90X Results and Recovery Formula to muscle gaining drink mixes, there are a variety of liquid nutrition options that have no purpose except to make sure that you have the fuel you need to accomplish your P90X goal. P90X nutrition products are formulated to complement P90X workouts, giving you the best results possible.

Diet is important, and the right structure to your diet is a key element. Including a liquid nutrition element either to assist with your weight loss or to provide extra nutrients in order to fuel your workout can take your P90X experience to the next level.

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