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Shakeology-ReviewThe best way to accelerate your results with any workout program is by eating healthy, eating clean and eating smart.  Also, replacing one meal a day with Shakeology will jump-start any fat/weight loss!

I have a lot of customers saying they can afford to get the workout program but they can’t afford to purchase Shakeology.  Well,  I have decided to share with you the ways you can turn “I can’t afford it.” into “How can I make this work?”  After reading these tips on saving, you will see that anyone can afford Shakeology.  Just need to flex your mind a little to realize it.

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Here are some ways to make Shakeology more cost effective:


The number one way to afford Shakeology and a workout program is by purchasing a Challenge Pack! Beachbody offers over 20 different workout programs that are available as a Challenge Pack. You get the workout program plus all the bonus workouts, a 30 day supply of the Shakeology of your choice, free shipping and Team Beachbody Club membership. This is by far the biggest bang for your buck, and incredible savings per pack!

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Here are some programs available and the savings:


You can become a Beachbody coach! By becoming a coach, you can save 25%.  My first goal as a Beachbody Coach was to help sharem y experiences and results with enough people to cover my cost of Shakeology and any future workout program I wanted to buy.  To this day, I have yet to pay for anything.  My commissions from coaching and helping people have covered all my costs month to month!


You can become a Club Member and save 10%.  Plus, with the Club Membership, you will receive exclusive support from the celebrity trainers, access to the message boards for more support and access to other bonus tools like recipes, bonus workouts, etc!


Easiest way to save instantly on your Shakeology is by selecting the Home Direct option when you purchase.  By choosing the Home Direct option, you get free shipping and free bonus gifts with your order!  Even if you want a ONE-TIME PURCHASE, still select Home Direct so you can take advantage of the savings and free shipping, and if you decide to cancel before your next shipment, you can simply email TeamBeachbody!  No doubter to save money and get free goodies!

Saving on Shakeology is easy when you think about it.

Also, think of it this way.  Shakeology is a meal replacement and it should not be looked at as additional grocery costs.  Its a replacement, not an “addition to” you current diet.  So if you are living just fine now, you will live just fine with Shakeology replacing some of the foods you’re currently eating!

CLICK HERE: to Order  Shakeology


CLICK HERE: to Order  Shakeology

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