Just 30 Minutes a Day to See Great Results

Well, how many people remember hearing the high school gym teachers say, “Just thirty minutes of cardio a day will keep you in shape!”  Mostly everyone.  Now, is this really true? Well, now I am sure that we’ve also heard people who tried doing thirty minutes a day of working out say that it wasn’t enough and it was insufficient for them.  So what is the true answer to this?  The answer is thirty minutes of exercise is plenty to transform your body IF you chose to use those thirty minutes wisely.

Now, what does “wisely” mean?  It just means that you need to tailor those thirty minutes to where you are constantly keeping your heart rate to the max.  I’m not saying everyone who does only thirty minutes of exercise will completely change their bodies, but if you keep your heart rate high and keep the calories burning, you can accomplish a lot in those short thirty minutes.

If You’re Not Doing Anything, Thirty Minutes is Better Than Nothing

Firstly, let’s keep it real. If you haven’t worked out in year (or ever) and your definition of exercise is moving from the couch to the  kitchen, then thirty minutes a day is probably all you can handle anyway! And those thirty minutes don’t need to be intense. Go for a walk, use an exercise machine on a low pace, even climb the stairs if you’re in an apartment building. Don’t expect miracles in terms of weight loss or muscle gain, but you need to get yourself used to being active again, and you’ll need to start somewhere. Those daily thirty minutes of light activity will get you ready to level up so you can continue on to more extreme workouts to help you see better results.

If You’re Active, Pick the RIGHT Way to Spend Your Thirty Minutes

We’re all busy, and the reality is that many of us only have thirty minutes a day to devote to working out. So like I said, pick the right way to spend your thirty minutes!  Keep your workouts intense and the heart rate through the roof.  Alternate between cardio and resistance workouts every other day, and change up the level of intensity. Turbo Jam has five workouts, and three of them are half an hour or less, which are PERFECT for the moms who are constantly on the go. One on One with Tony Horton and Hip Hop Abs also have thirty minute workouts included. Mix it up, and use the right level of intensity to maximize your thirty minutes. One of the fastest workout, but most intense would have to be Tony Horton’s 10 Minutes Trainer.  All the workout are ten minutes and can be combined to make your workouts longer if you wish to.  I highly suggest this workout for those of you who would like to workout out during your short lunch break or wake up a little earlier to squeeze in a great workout.  You really can create and maintain a great body with just thirty minutes if you’re fully focused during that time.  As I say, “Go BIG, or go HOME!”

When You’re Ready, Level Up and BRING IT

You’re right that at some point you’ll need to increase the time you’re devoting to working out to see maximum results. Serious workout lovers usually devote an hour a day to their workout.  I feel anything more than an hour to an hour and a half is going to become counter productive and burn your muscles out. The P90X and Insanity Workout programs both primarily offer hour long workouts (though there are recovery and ab workouts in both that are shorter).

I recommend P90X to those trying to shred up and stack on lean muscle mass as it incorporates both extreme cardio and intense resistance training.  I was able to stack on close to 12lbs of muscle and lowered my body fat percentage over 7%, which is amazing for only 90 days!  However, if you’re looking to completely shred up and show off your muscles, Insanity would be perfect for you!  This workout contains some of the most intense cardio you will ever do!  Hands down!  Its the hardest workout on DVD, but by far the most fun!  Its a blast!

>> Check out my results with both P90X and Insanity

Be prepared, making the jump from a half an hour workout to an hour workout is significant. You’ll feel it. But at some point, it will be time, and you’ll know when that time is!

What’s the takeaway? You absolutely can get great workout results in a thirty minute a day workout. You just need to be aware of what your realistic goals should be, stay focused, don’t skips days and change up what workouts you’re doing. I could show you hundreds of success stories of people who changed their body in thirty minutes a day! You can, too!  Make the most of your time and you’ll be fine!

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