Jonathan’s P90X and Insanity Results

Check out Jonathan’s amazing P90X and Insanity transformation:



Name: Jonathan Schlenger
Programs of Choice:  P90X and Insanity

Enjoy Jonthan’s amazing journey:
“In April 2008 I was my highest weight ever, 220lbs.  I got P90X, did 1 workout and said “forget this!” I couldn’t do it.  I tried to lose the weight by just running, but couldn’t run.  So I would walk and nothing changed.  I tried the Atkins diet, and The South Beach diet and those were terrible.  I rejoined weight watchers (I have been a lifetime member since 2002 where I lost the weight without exercising, but gained it back plus more as I got older) and lost about 20lbs. By August of 2010, I was still at 200lbs, and for the past 5 months (April 2010 through August 2010) I hit a plateau.  The scale would go up and down and hover around 200lbs. I would follow the weight watchers plan and be on the elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes every single day.  Nothing was happening. Something had to change..

In August of 2010, I was at my wife’s Aunt’s house for a barbecue.  Her cousin was there.  He is 12 years younger than me. He asked me if I can do any pull ups. I said “Not at all.”  He grabbed a pull up bar, put it up in the doorway, and said, “Let’s see what you can do.”
I tried to do 1. I couldn’t. I was so weak.  He pushed me aside and went on to do 15 pull-ups without breaking a sweat.  My mouth dropped open and my eyes bulged out of my head.  I asked, “How the hell did you do that?”  He said, “P90X.”  So, knowing I had the program at home, I went home with the mentality that I would start it in the morning.  My goal was to press play every day and to just to finish the 90 days (and of course one day beat my wife’s cousin in a pull up contest J).  I know it was really hard and I just wanted to finish.  I never really finished much in my life and I felt at 32 years old, it was time.
The next day I pressed play, used the worksheets, became good friends with the pause button, and continued until I finished day 1.  Then I went on to day 2, then 3, and 4 and so on.  As I was going through the program, my clothes were getting looser and my energy was increasing.  I was getting stronger, able to complete more of the workouts without pressing pause, and my rep count and endurance was increasing.  I was also becoming more alert, and my mood was improving.  I finished the first round and was so happy.  It was a big accomplishment.  I then went on to finish round 2 of p90X, and then took a trip to the doctor.  Results?  My good cholesterol was back to a healthy range, my bad cholesterol was back to a healthy range, and I moved from being medium risk to low risk of heart disease and a heart attack.  The doctor said that this is exactly where I should be.   The hard work paid off.  All this and not really focusing 100% on my diet.
I met my coach during round 1 of P90X and he helped me, motivated me and supported me throughout my journey.   He loved my results and so did a lot of other people.  People noticed I was in better shape and none of my clothes were fitting.  My coach said I will inspire a lot of people and I had the drive and enthusiasm to make things happen.  He suggested I become a coach myself.  I did just that.  The funny thing is, he said that I was already coaching and I didn’t even know it.  I was talking to everyone about my workouts, showing people my results, and already inspiring others to get in shape.  And I was so close to getting the six pack that I always wanted, I still wanted to press play.  I just needed to get rid of that lower belly fat.  My coach told me I needed to focus on my diet as that is 80 percent of fitness.  He said what I needed was this AMAZING meal replacement shake called SHAKEOLOGY, which is ‘the healthiest meal of the day.’  And it is.  It is so good for you it will help you more than you know.  You just have to see for yourself and order it.  It keeps me full and satisfied, cuts my cravings for all the garbage I was eating, and puts me in control of what I was eating.  It gave me energy, bettered my mood and helped me get in the best shape of my life!!! With over 70+ ingredients, it has all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for the day.  It is the whole package and probably one of the best supplements on the market, PERIOD!!!
At the time I started Shakeology, I thought I was in awesome shape.  Then my coach introduced me to INSANITY!  Best shape of my life?  No way!!!  I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks with just the 1st video.  I never sweat like I did with Shaun T.   But I pressed play every day, I powered through, dug deep, and went through the 60 day program.  AWESOME!!!  JUST AWESOME!!!
Thanks to my coach, Shakeology, the trainers at Beachbody (Tony Horton and Shaun T), and the support of my wife, I can now say, I AM IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!!  I coach over 150 people in an awesome support group and you can join us to get in the best shape of your life!!!”
Awesome job Jonathan!  Great work and keep it up!

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