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The ULTIMATE Beachbody Ultimate Reset Group
Starting October 10th!

In the words of Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler, “I want to be lean and clean by Halloween!” Do want to get lean and clean?  Then youll definitely want to join Carl’s challenge to start Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset October 10th ending October 30th!  Carl is expecting over 2,ooo people to commit to it, push each other through it, and get lean and clean!  By the looks of it, I wouldnt be surprised if more people join the challenge!

How do you join Carl’s Ultimate Reset Challenge Group starting October 10th?  Simple.  Purchase the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack by clicking the link below before October 10th!  Better hurry, running out of time!  Once you do that, click on the to request to join Carl Daikeler’s Ultimate Reset Challenge Group!

Order the Ultimate Reset Now:

Don’t know what the Ultimate Reset is all about?  Check out this video.

My wife, Lindsay, and I completed the Ultimate Rest in June.  What an incredible experience that was for us both.  We learned so much about food and how to prepare it, nutrition and how to carry on the healthy diet.  The respect for food, the value of it and its nutrients went through the roof after the Ultimate Reset!

After doing the Ultimate Reset ourselves, why do I think Carl’s Ultimate Reset Challenge Group is a great thing to join?  Simple.  The Ultimate Reset will be tough to commit to for a lot of people.  Why?  Because, for a lot of people, the Ultimate Reset diet is a huge change and may shock the body.  Having support, especially from over 2,000 people, including the CEO of Beachbody himself (Carl Daikeler) will help you stay motivated, help you stay committed, help you stay on the right track and most importantly, hold you accountable to follow the Ultimate Reset for all 21-days!  But for a lot of you, I can bet that this will become a lifestyle change.  Lindsay and I still continue to cook a lot of the Ultimate Reset meals, even months after the Reset.  I bet youll do the exact same.

You will have 21 days of a completely vegan diet.  You can still have Shakeology, but it has to be Tropical or Chocolate Vegan.  When we did the Reset, Chocolate Shakeology wasn’t available yet, but now it is so you can definitely enjoy that! Trust me, having the Tropical and Chocolate Vegan for breakfast is a great addition to the program.

Whats all included with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program?  You get the program spelled out for what you should have for breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks.  The Ultimate Reset also comes with a DVD to help with the preparation of food!  This was something helpful to us, especially since neither of us enjoy cooking.  You’ll be surprised at what you will learn to prepare.  Example, we never made Tempeh before the Ultimate Reset!  You get all the supplements needed along with a bracelet to remind you of the commitment you are making.  Beachbody does a great job making this 21-day Ultimate Reset as easy as possible to understand.

You are going to learn such great eating habits that will prepare you for a healthy lifestyle.  Why not get lean and clean before Halloween? You are going to feel so good once you do the Ultimate Reset, thats for sure.  You will be complete cleaned of toxins, which youll be surprised at how easily your body can be affected by these toxins.

To order the Ultimate Reset just click here!  If you want anymore information on the Ultimate Reset, shoot me a message.  My wife and I are so glad we did the rest; it’s definitely a life changing experience!

Order the Ultimate Reset Now:

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