INSANITY Review for Women – Can Women Do INSANITY?

By Lindsay:
After realizing the wedding is LESS THAN THREE MONTHS away, Chris and I decided to kick it into high gear!  I’m putting my P90X journey on hold to start INSANITY!  This is by far the BEST cardio workout I have ever done!  We are in our second week together, and I’m already seeing awesome results, down approximately  4.5 pounds and nearly 2 inches!  Which as a lady, dropping some sizes is EXACTLY what we love to see!  Some people workout for months or even years and never see those kinds of results!
Again we are sticking with the buddy system when we workout.  We do the workouts as soon as we are both home, before we have dinner.  I highly recommend eating after you do the workout.  We are also following the nutrition guide that comes with the program.  There are so many great choices to choose from for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner!  It’s so easy to eat healthy, when the choices are so good!  I did my calorie intake for the day, and it came out to eating 1,700 calories for the day.  I know this sounds like a lot, especially for women, but trust me, when you’re taking part in a serious cardio workout program like INSANITY, that’s nothing!  Hell, it feels like I burn those off in the warm-up and stretching section of the DVD!
I must say it is super important to consume the amount of calories as outlined in the nutrition guide.  I’ll be the first to admit that it is difficult to stick to eating breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, etc, especially when you have a busy work day.  Since Chris and I are always moving a mile a minute, we both have our Shakeology for breakfast, each and every single morning.  Occasionally, we will add a scoop of WHEY protein or peanut butter to our shakes as an added boost of protein, which is a must have in the early morning hours!  I strongly recommend doing the same.. if I am seeing great results from this, I know you will, too!
In addition to the strict diet and busy schedule, I find myself packing a snack between breakfast and lunch, but never getting to enjoy it because I get too busy.  It is so important to consume the right amount of calories so you have energy to do the workouts.  They really are insane!  A great insane though!
Does INSANITY also provide some resistance training? YES, and plenty of it!  You will not only be put through some of the most intense cardio routines, but you will also be exposed to resistance exercises and unbelievable core strengthening routines.  My favorite part of INSANITY is that it allows me to still have resistance workouts without any weights or bands!  You will perform all your resistance training with you own body weight, which is easy and convenient!
As I was watching some transformation videos, I noticed a lot of inches lost!  I was a little nervous that I might not see as big of a difference on the scale.  In just the two short weeks we have been doing INSANITY, I’ve noticed the inches starting to come off!  I can really tell a difference in my back!  I can’t believe how many calories I burn in the 40 or so minute exercises.  For those of you who don’t know, INSANITY burns close to 1,100 calories per hour!  Yes, even though the workouts are a little over 40 minutes, you will continue to burn calories ever after the workouts as your body still cools down from the strenuous routines!  The time flies by because the workouts are actually fun!  I can’t wait to push play each day just to see what Shaun T has in store!  Plus, he sure looks good sweaty!!!
If you are thinking about trying INSANITY, please stop thinking about it and do it!  It will change your life – I can promise you that!  If you are loyal to P90X and are indifferent about trying something else (just like how I was), this is a great program to do with, before or after P90X.  Just try it!  I guarantee you will love it just like we do!  Look for our 30 day result pictures soon!

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  1. YES! I keep getting stretch marks as I do it. I am so pissed. Two weeks in and lost 13 pounds, but keep getting worse and worse stretch marks. I am pissed.

  2. Awesome that the program worked for you! As a lady I got a two questions. First, are there any stretch marks after the program? I’m wondering so I can take care of those during the process. As for the second question, you might not be able to answer but it’s worth a shot, will cellulite disappear after the program? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Drake – The program truly does wonders after 60 days. I haven’t hear of stretch mark problems upon completing the program. Also, Insanity will help tighten and tone, reducing/ eliminating cellulite. Dig deep and the results will amaze you! If you want the BEST results, go with the Insanity Challenge Pack, which is listed on the menu bar under “Challenge Packs”.

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