How to Get Ripped Results – 5 Steps


Not long ago, I weighed under 150lbs with not an ounce of muscle mass on me.  I was fed up being the smallest, weakest guy in every room I entered, so I made the decision to change my ways and challenged myself physically and mentally.  Now, after gaining over 20lbs of muscle mass, I want to share my experiences, support and best tips to help others do the same!  Here are some of my step-by-step tips to help you in the right direction to get ripped results with my daily support and accountability.  You ready to rock?


1. Have Support – Let Me Help You Daily – FREE COACHING!
Let’s do this together! The first step is to have the support you need to keep the fire within you burning. When you make me your FREE personal Team Beachbody Coach, I will be there every step of the way, checking in with you daily (Social Media/Email), to help you and support you throughout your journey. Also, once you make me your coach, I will invite you to join our team’s Facebook Support Group (Chris’ Fitness Corner), which will allow you to network with hundreds of other people I coach who are going through the same journey as you. The motivation, encouragement and accountability you will receive from this opportunity will help you stick with it and see extraordinary results.  Yes, its FREE and takes only a second to do.

chrisbalmert52. Do What You Love
Find the perfect fitness program. Let’s face it, if you don’t like the workout you are doing, chances are you won’t want to continue doing it, right? Finding a workout that fits your lifestyle, skill-level and desired results is important. The amazing thing about Team Beachbody is the vast catalog of workouts to choose from. Whether its slimming down with Slim in 6, getting ripped with Insanity, adding lean muscle with P90X, increasing your athletic ability with Insanity Asylum, lifting your booty with Brazil Butt Lift, getting a shredded six-pack with RevAbs, or bulking up with Body Beast, Beachbody has the perfect program for you. My job as your Team Beachbody Coach is to help you find that perfect program, the perfect daily meal plan and the perfect supplementation schedule to help speed up your results.

3. Use Your Resourceschrisbalmert7
You are surrounded with amazing resources and tools to help you achieve your goals. Why travel down this path alone, when you don’t have to? Like I said above, when you make me your Coach, you’ll have access to our team’s exclusive support group. On top of that, you will also gain access to the community with your free account. There are tons of fitness and health tools, information, message boards, and support to help you. Plus, you’ll be able to access the SuperGym, which is an interactive online gym where you can log your daily workouts and chat with others. When you successfully log a workout, you have a chance of winning $500 a day! Talk about an incentive to press play, right? In addition to those tools, you also have full access to my website,, which is loaded with the best fitness, workout, nutrition and motivational posts! Use your resources!

4. Set Goals and Push Yourselfchrisbalmert_beast
First things first, take before pictures! Taking before photos is so important! This will give you a starting point to help you judge your progress throughout your journey. Plus, when your finished with the “new you”, you will have excellent transformation pictures to show off to everyone! After you take your before pictures, its time to share your goals with me. What is it that you are trying to achieve by the end of your workout journey? Lose weight around the midsection? Add size to your arms? Increase your endurance? Have a flat stomach? Let’s focus on setting goals, both long term and short term for you to aim for! This will help you judge your progress and push yourself along the way! Remember, it’s not who you are when you begin that matter, but it’s who you become when you are finished.

5. Commit, Commit, Commitme beast
Set goals and never back down until you accomplish them. Never ever, ever, ever give up. Obviously if you want to see the best results, you have to commit to the work needed to do so. It’s important that you commit 100% to your workout program and 100% to your nutrition by following the workout’s diet plan along with taking Shakeology everyday. You have seen what the programs and products have done for me, and I know I can help you to see the same results! The only thing I ask if for your 100% commitment. So, are you ready?

If you are ready to rock, please complete step one listed above and shoot me a personal message on Facebook or via Email (, so I can get in contact with you!  We then can break out your goals and desired results and figure out how we can get you there, as fast as we can!  I look forward to chatting with you!


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