Find a Workout that is Best for You

Congrats!  You’ve made the decision to achieve a healthier lifestyle by eating right and working out. You’ve got all the healthy recipes and foods, now you just need to find the perfect workout for you!  It’s important that you choose a workout routine that fits your lifestyle and time schedule.  If you start something you aren’t so interested in, it will be hard to stay motivated to workout.

Here are some tips from to help you choose the right workout program for you:

1. If you can’t stand the gym – well how about that? Beachbody provides you with over 15 at home workout programs, and they are for every fitness level.  Here are a list of all the Beachbody workouts.

2. If you’re seriously out of shape – take it slow when you begin your workout.  Set small goals to achieve so you can work on increasing your stamina.

3. If you’re social – group exercises may be best for you!  By becoming part of the Team Beachbody community, you can find local fit clubs being held in your area. This is a great way to use the Beachbody programs and develop a buddy system with members in your community!  Join Team Beachbody for free!

4. If you need some pointers – yes, there are personal trainers out there that can help you with your workout plan. How about signing up and having me as your FREE Beachbody Coach? I can help motivate you, and better yet, I can add you to me exclusive Facebook group where you can talk with others doing the same workouts.  Just click here to make me your coach!

5. If you need some tough love – maybe a bootcamp would be a good option.  Some like to have someone watching their every move, making sure they are keeping up.

6. If you have no time – remember this is a lifestyle change you are about to make. Sacrifices will need to be made in your daily schedule. You will have to figure out the best time to fit in a workout during your day. That may require you to get up earlier, eat dinner a little later or workout a little later. You have to find the best fit in your schedule.

7. If you’re on a tight budget – if you can’t afford weights, use soup cans and other things around the house. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home while saving money for that special workout you want to do.

8. If you need a challenge – Beachbody offers a Challenge Pack Program.  Some of the workouts like P90X, Insanity, Body Beast and TurboFire, just to name a few, come in Challenge Packs. The packs include a fitness program, Shakeology, 30 Club/VIP Membership and free shipping.  You will also be added to an exclusive Facebook group where others just like you are completing the same challenge.  Message me for more information!

9. If you can’t touch your toes – make sure you stretch! It’s important to do the warm up and cool down of any workout program.

10. If you’re easily bored – changing up your workout will help if you get bored of doing the same thing each day.


If you are looking for more health, workout and nutritional tips, feel free to make me your free fitness coach by clicking on the link below.  You will also gain full access to and an exclusive Facebook support group for more motivation.  Questions, let me know!

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