Coffee Benefits – Caffeine and Weight Loss

What are the coffee benefits?

How does Caffeine help weight loss?

Well, I always get questions regarding coffee benefits and how coffee may benefit weight loss?  There are millions of mixed reviews on the topic of coffee being healthy or not, and depending if you drink coffee, you’ll probably argue in favor of what benefits you.  I personally love coffee and feel I need a cup or two every single morning.  With that being said, here are the benefits of coffee.

Well, first off, why coffee before your workouts? Caffeine, of course. This natural stimulant is in great demand and has benefited many athletes. Some studies show greater endurance, less fatigue, etc… I’ll explain shortly…

First thing I do when I get up out of bed is put on a pot of coffee. I sit down with my freshly brewed coffee before my day even starts. Coffee is like my body’s gasoline. If I don’t have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to get my blood flowing I’m not doing anything the rest of the day, or what I like to call, “zombie mode”.

I am a self-made coffee connoisseur. I love coffee. I need coffee.    How do I mix my coffee?  I do drink it black sometimes, but for the most part, I have 1 scoop of natural sweetner and non fat, non dairy creamer , or skim milk.  I drink it in the morning and usually a cup 15-20 minutes prior to a workout.  Again, why prior to a workout?  The caffeine in the coffee will provide me with a jolt of energy, which helps me get the most of my workouts!  I find myself doing this mostly on my resistance days.  Truly, I feel I get better muscle pumps and energy with a cup of coffee before the workout.

Caffeine Studies Show the Benefits:
What is caffeine?  Well, caffeine is part of the naturally occurring group of stimulants found in leaves, nuts and seeds of a number of plants. You can also get a jolt of caffeine from tea, chocolate, most soft drinks and some sports drinks. But, most prefer coffee before training.

In many of these studies, where performance was improved by the ingestion of caffeine or drinking coffee, there was also the additional benefit of an associated reduction in the sensation of fatigue. There were also a number of studies involved in the review that show the beneficial effects of drinking coffee and/or ingesting caffeine before high intensity exercise.

These include improved performance on a long distance run and demonstrated that anaerobic power in a cycling test was improved by the ingestion of the equivalent of two cups (250mg) of caffeinated coffee. Cycling was also the sport studied more recently when caffeine (5mg/kg) was shown to improve performance in a high intensity cycling test.

The beneficial effect has also been demonstrated in swimming trials. They showed that in a swimming test (2x100m), there was improved performance after Ingestion of 250 mg of caffeine.

Then some Aussi researchers found that even a small quantity of caffeine allowed athletes to exercise almost a third longer. The researchers tested its effects on cyclists, who were allowed to sip on flat cola or coffee as they peddled. But, there are some new findings from Swiss researchers that the equivalent of two cups of coffee in healthy participants reduced blood flow to the heart after exercise.

Think of it this way; If caffeine is so bad for you (and coffee has caffeine), then why do all those fat burning thermogenic supplements have caffeine in them? Well, they can’t have ephedrine so they are stacked with caffeine. So, I can’t have a cup of coffee but I can have some Stacker 2?  Hmmm…?

Caffeine is the Main Ingredient:
Not only is caffeine known for giving you energy, but its also known for being the key ingredient in all fat loss supplements!  Also usually one of the top ingredients in most pre-workout supplements!  I said it before and I’m going to say it again; they can’t have ephedrine so they are stacked with caffeine. So, I can’t have a cup of coffee but I can have some Stacker 2?  Hmmm…?  Kind of hypocritical, don’t ya think?

Caffeine Heals Post-Workout Pains:
Studies have shown that two cups of coffee can reduce significantly post-gym muscle pain. Caffeine consumed one-hour before going to the gym induces a 48 % decrease in pain; those who drink caffeine before the near-maximum force test have 26 % drop in soreness. Caffeine boosts endurance, and one study discovered caffeine to decrease pain during moderate-intensity cycling. By blocking the receptors for adenosine, released in response to inflammation and implied in pain sensation, coffee could have this effect. Caffeine seems to be more efficient than conventional pain and soreness reliever drugs, like naproxen (the active ingredient in Aleve), aspirin and ibuprofen.

Caffeine Decreases Chances of Severe Health Issues:
A new research has found that coffee could cut the risk of skin cancer. 6 cups of caffeinated coffee daily lowered the likelihood of developing skin cancer by 35 %, while 2-3 cups lowered it by 12 %. Caffeine is believed to impede cells dividing in the tumor, or to work as an antioxidant. One research found coffee and exercising fight against sun-induced skin cancer by 400 %.

Other researches suggest that coffee could be beneficial also against breast cancer.

Coffee can also fight gout symptoms. The beverage lowers uric acid levels on short term, easing the most common and excruciatingly painful inflammatory arthritis in adult males. Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee daily significantly decreases the risk of gout by 40 % and over 6 cups per day by 59 %. Tea (which contains caffeine) has no impact on gout incidence, thus other chemical than caffeine induces this effect; the main suspected being the phenol chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant.

Caffeine has been found to prevent cognitive decline in the elderly women. Women aged 65 and older who consumed over three cups of coffee (or the same caffeine levels in tea) daily scored better over time on memory tests than women who drank one cup or less of coffee/tea daily did. The memory benefits of the caffeine rise with age – coffee drinkers being 30 % less exposed to memory impairment at age 65 and 70 % less over 80.

Caffeine has been found also to protect against Parkinson’s disease and depression, and this could be linked to its inhibiting effect on adenosine receptors. Depression is eased because caffeine increases dopamine, the “happy feeling” hormone, in your brain.

My Verdict Is….
In conclusion and after my research of only some of the benefits of coffee, I’m sold and I will continue drinking my coffee every morning and pre workout!  Phew, cause I need my coffee!

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