CIZE Workout Review

How is the new CIZE Workout?

For those of you not sure what the CIZE workout is, here is a great sneak peak of the workout featuring Shaun T:

Well, as alot of your have seen that follow me on FACEBOOK, I have committed to the CIZE workout to help support my wife, Lindsay, through it.  Oh, I’m sure it’s been quite hilarious watching me attempt to get my “groove on”, but hey, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Before I show you some of these skills… here are some common questions I am getting about CIZE:

Am I enjoying CIZE?

Hell to the yeah!  Which is extremely weird because I absolutely hate dancing.  I am just so bad at it that I never want to dance.  However, since I heard that dancing can be a workout, I was willing to give it a try; especially to support my wife because she wants to commit to it.  Little did I know after one workout, I would be hooked… and completely drench in sweat.

I can’t dance, but is CIZE still fun?

Even though I have no rhythm or skills on the dance floor, CIZE has been an absolute blast!  Give the guy an “A” for effort, right? Honestly, I don;t care how I look during it.  I feel it working and it’s a great change of pace for me.

Can anyone do CIZE?

I think I prove that ANYONE can do CIZE… well, anyone can do it, but will everyone look good doing it is another story.  The fact that it breaks down every move of every dance routine has been extremely helpful.  Yes, have no fear, you’ll learn ever single move in the routine before you put it all together at the end of the workout to a popular song.  Trust me, there’s no way in hell I magically knew these moves by myself, haha!  Shaun T is a great instructor.

Will guys enjoy CIZE?

I know I know… I love my weights just as much as the next guy, so “dance” was a little hard for me to cave in and try.  And like most guys, I am just a sucky dancer with no moves and no rhythm.  However, personally, I am not giving up my Body Beast journey as I still will be getting my weight training in each day.  This is just a fun, bonus workout to end my night with.  Plus, as a real man, anything to help support your wife, you should be all for it.  So don’t be shy to brush off those dancing shoes and have some fun; even if you look like a goofball!  You’ll still be surprised how much you’ll actually enjoy CIZE once you’re done!

Can I combine CIZE with another workout?

Yes, and I am.  This is just a personal decision for me, so up to you what you decide to do.  Like I said in the last question, I am doing CIZE to support my lovely wife. I am still committed to my Body Beast journey but plan on doing CIZE with her every night.  So far, it hasn’t even felt like a “workout” since its been so fun for us!  A great friendly competition that has us both excited every night.

Is CIZE intense?

CIZE is weird.  Honestly, since you are so mentally wrapped up in learning the dance moves and following Shaun T, your brain doesn’t have time to realize how intense you’re actually working out or how much you are actually sweating.  So once the workout is done and you’ve finished your last dance, you’re left laughing and smiling… AND, soaked in sweat!  So yes, by looking at how soaked my tshirt is and how many sweat drops are on our living room floor when we are done, I think it’s safe to say it’s an intense workout.

Is CIZE working?

Well, this review was written after our first week of CIZE… but in just a week’s time, I am already seeing results.  After my first week, I am down 5lbs (198 down to 193).  As we continue, I will be sure to keep my results coming on Facebook!  My wife is seeing amazing results as well and she will be posting her updates on her Facebook, too!

balmert CIZE

Would I recommend CIZE?

Of course!  Especially to couples!  It’s a fun workout to do with your loved one.  You are clearly having a blast doing it and it will definitely help you see amazing results, but more importantly, it’s a great couples workout to push each other and have some friendly competition like Lindsay and I do.  She is still beating me with her moves, but I’m not too far behind!

Do I have a CIZE Facebook Support Group?

Yes!  We do!  My wife and I have a CIZE accountability group that anyone can join that is ready to start CIZE with us.  If you want to be in our CIZE group, please let me know so we can add you.  You can either send me a message on Facebook or email me at – subject “CIZE Group”.

Where can I buy CIZE?

CIZE Complete Challenge Pack:
Best Value! The CIZE Complete Challenge Pack includes the CIZE workout, the bonus workout to CIZE, the full meal plan guide, the full workout schedule, the CIZE shaker cup, the CIZE sweatbands, your first month of Shakeology (flavor of your choice), and includes 3-months of Beachbody on Demand; which will give you access to over 400 more workouts you can stream directly to your phone or computer!  Also, with the Beachbody on Demand, you won’t have to wait for your CIZE dvds to come in the mail because it will be uploaded to your Demand catalog as soon as you order!
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CIZE Basic Kit:
The CIZE Basic Kit will include the CIZE workout, the bonus workout to CIZE, the full meal plan guide, the full workout schedule!
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CIZE IT UP videos of our journey:

Here you go folks, here are some snippets from our journey so far.  Now wait, don’t be harsh on us… we are just starting off.  But be prepared, in a month, we will be music video ready!  Haha!  But in all seriousness, I hope these videos share how fun this workout has been for us as a couple and how engaging it is!  Also, with the last two videos, you can see how easy it is to take what you’re learning from CIZE and apply it to other songs which allows you to make this workout your own!  Another reason why its a blast and we like it… and I might not look so bad at friend’s wedding anymore, haha!


“Full Out” Routine Preview:

“In The Pocket” Routine Preview:

Doing “Full Out” Routine to Michael Jackson:

Lindsay doing “In The Pocket” Routine to Talk Dirty to Me:

“Go For It” Routine Preview:

More CIZE reviews and videos will be posted as we continue this journey!  Again, if you have any questions about CIZE or our experiences doing it, please reach out.  We are more than happy to help!  Also, if you would like to be a part of our CIZE journey and join our Facebook CIZE group, let me know ASAP so we can get you added.

Thanks all!


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