CIZE Review – Shaun T’s New Workout

Shaun T: CIZE Workout Review

Check out this sneak peek of the CIZE workout:

order cizeShaun T and Beachbody are at it again!  Shaun has decided to launch a new workout this July called “CIZE”.  It will combine the intensity he tends to bring in his workouts with a unique “dance” style.  Don’t worry, you’ll learn from this full review of the workout that you DO NOT need to be a professional dancer to do this.  The workout will kick your butt either way!  The dance element just offers a sense of change from your tradition Shaun T workouts.  It will give a fun aspect to it!

CIZE Workout Overview:

  • It’s called “CIZE” because it’s the end of exercise.
  • Shaun T has put together a fun workout for anyone .
  • You can tailor it to be as easy or as hard as YOU need for your results.
  • No equipment is required, but you’re going to blast calories and tone up.
  • If you love dance workouts like Zumba, this will instantly become a favorite for you.

What if I can’t dance, can I still do CIZE?

Don’t worry folks.  Even if you’re like me and have absolutely no rhythm or dance skills, Shaun T breaks down every move step-by-step!  So even if you are uncoordinated or don’t have a background in dance, you can definitely do it!

Am I going to burn a lot of calories with CIZE?

Of course! You will learn the moves step-by-step, and then you put them together to “Cize it Up” to blast a ton of calories.  So trust me, whether you’re in the learn phases of the workout or rockin’ a full-blown workout, you’ll leave drenched in sweat.

How long are Shaun T’s CIZE workouts?

The program itself it 4-weeks, but it can be repeated right after, just like any Beachbody workout. The workouts range from 3-45 minutes!

Will I be able to teach CIZE in a gym?

Yes! There will be certifications after CIZE is released on DVD.

What kind of music is in CIZE?

It’ll be pop music that Shaun T picked out.  So even if you struggle with dance rhythm, the beats will help!

When can I buy CIZE?

July 20, 2015!  As soon as it launches, I will be holding a HUGE PROMOTION with it so make sure you Make Me Your FREE Coach so I can send you an update when it’s available!

Will CIZE be available on Beachbody on Demand?

No. It may be available to add to our personal library when you order the DVDs, but it will not be available with generic streaming.  Not yet, at least.

order cize

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