CIZE Review – Shaun T’s New Workout

Shaun T: CIZE Workout Review Check out this sneak peek of the CIZE workout: Shaun T and Beachbody are at it again!  Shaun has decided to launch a new workout this July called “CIZE”.  It will combine the intensity he tends to bring in his workouts with a unique “dance” style.  Don’t worry, you’ll learn […]

21 Day Fix Extreme Review

21 Day Fix Extreme Workout Review Interested in our TEST-GROUP? If you are curious about joining our test group my wife and I will be hosting, please click the link above to request notifications and feel free to also shoot me a message so we can get things set up for you.  I can be […]

Order PIYO Now!

PiYo has launched! I come bringing great news!  Chalene Johnson’s new workout has launched and is already off to a hot start! Ladies and gentlemen, please check out PiYo! *Ordering links and package details are listed below “PiYo gives you hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength—without weights, without jumps, and without destroying your […]

Lindsay’s 21-Day Fix Results

21-Day Fix Transformation My wife just completed her first round of the 21-Day Fix.  I am very proud of her commitment to the portion-controlled meal plan and the workouts.  She is excited to jump right back into Focus T25 to gear up for summer!  Here are her 21-Day Fix results: Down 5lbs Lost 7 inches

NEW: PiYo Workout with Chalene Johnson

NEW: PiYo Workout Preview! Link to Piyo workout preview: Get instant updates when PiYo launches: Click the button above and enter your email address so you can get an instant notification on when PiYo launches and any info on upcoming PiYo promotions!  If you don’t have a account yet, you can create […]

Lindsay’s Focus T25 Results

Lindsay’s Focus T25 Results! This new mom bounces back with T25! Focus T25 Results: This is my wife, Lindsay Balmert’s, Focus T25 results and review! I’m so proud of her!  She crushed it! As most of you know, she just gave birth to our beautiful boy (Gavin) in April, and she was determined to not […]

Mom Workout – Tips for Busy Moms

BUSY NEW MOM? Workout / Time Management Tips written by Lindsay Balmert Get up at 5 AM, get ready for work, make my Chocolate Shakeology to drink on my way to work, get home around 5 PM, workout, make dinner and relax. This was a typical day for me before Gavin came into my life. […]

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Commit and Lose 10lbs in 21 Days! Guess what is on sale just in time for Christmas and the New Year? The Beachbody Ultimate Reset! I will be starting a 21-day Ultimate Reset challenge at the beginning of the year. Most everyone is starting after the 2nd of the year, so we can recover from New Years […]

Overcome Crazy Hormones and Weight Gain

How to Beat Crazy Hormones and Weight Gain for Women Since my wife Lindsay has been pregnant, I’ve noticed her hormones changing, a lot! I’ve mostly noticed the changes with her body. One moment she is embracing the fact that she is pregnant and then the next she is picking at each part of her […]

10 Healthier Late Night Snacks

Craving late night sweets? If you are friends with me on Facebook, like my Like Page or follow me on Twitter, then by now you know my wife and I are expecting a baby in April 2013! We are so excited to start the next journey in our lives! I’m learning quickly that a lot […]

Les Mills Combat Pre Order

ORDER LES MILLS COMBAT NOW: Click Here: Order Base Combat Package – $59.85 Click Here: Order Deluxe Combat Package – $89.85 Click Here: Order Ultimate Combat Package – $119.70 The Les Mills Combat pre-order will be here October 1st! This offer is made exclusively to those in then Team Beachbody network. And guess what? FREE SHIPPING! […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Having Sex

Is SEX Healthy? Does having sex on a regular basis offer significant health benefits?  You better believe it does!  Studies have shown that having healthy sex on a regular basis will lead to a healthier, and definitely happier lifestyle.  I have found the top ten health benefits from sex, compliments of  Take a look […]

Top 10 Diet Tips to Lose Weight Fast

How can I lose weight faster?  Everyone is always looking for that solution to help them lose weight and burn fat just a little bit faster than they are now.  Well, to be honest with you, its not a secret and its not rocket science.  Losing weight and buring fat can be quite easy, if […]

FREE Trial Offer – Beachbody Challenge Packs

Free Trial Offer on Select Beachbody Challenge Packs! I was very surprised and excited to hear that Team Beachbody was coming out with a 30-Day Trial Offer on Challenge Packs last week when I was at Coach Summit!  Now there are no excuses for you out there who say that its too expensive!  When you purchase one of […]

Joan’s P90X Transformation

Check out Joan’s inspirational P90X transformation below: . . . Name: Joan Spruill Program of Choice:  P90X Website:   Here’s Joan’s amazing P90X journey: “April Fools Day, 1999 I got a call from my doctor and was told “We got the tests back. You have breast cancer.”  It was no joke.  Within 2 weeks […]

Rebeca’s P90X Results

Check out Rebeca’s amazing P90X transformation below: . . . . Name:  Rebeca Corona Program of Choice: P90X Website: . Rebeca’s amazing P90X journey: “I started my transformation at the gym for a year. I weighed 234 pounds and was wearing a size 18/20. I also had acid reflux and bladder issues. I started […]

Steph’s P90X Results

Check out Steph’s amazing P90X journey:     Name:  Steph Turi Program of Choice:  P90X Website: Steph’s P90X Story:  “I can’t lie, I have never been over weight. But I can’t say that I had ever been healthy either. I was that girl in high school. The one who could eat like a 12 […]

INSANITY Review for Women – Can Women Do INSANITY?

By Lindsay: After realizing the wedding is LESS THAN THREE MONTHS away, Chris and I decided to kick it into high gear!  I’m putting my P90X journey on hold to start INSANITY!  This is by far the BEST cardio workout I have ever done!  We are in our second week together, and I’m already seeing […]

Lindsay’s P90X Review

by:  Lindsay Hi everyone!  I’m Chris’ fiancée, Lindsay!  I really do exist!  I’m here to share with you my P90X journey.  For all the ladies out there who feel like P90X is only for guys who want to bulk up, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case! . I’ve finally motivated myself to actually […]

Best Workouts for Busy Moms

Even if you’ve never been a mom, you know a mom. And we all know how busy moms are. Between running the home and family, feeding everybody, running the kids everywhere and for many moms, also holding down a fulltime job.  Moms may be the busiest people around. However, I have never met a mom that didn’t […]

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